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Jonathan Goldsmith

Two European cases of interest

21 November 2014By

Spain was unhappy that all future unitary patents must be submitted only in languages allowed by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Paul rogerson

Number-crunchers nail ‘fat-cat lawyer’ myth

19 November 2014By

What does a ‘typical’ solicitor earn? Less than politicians with an axe to grind would have you believe.

Michael Cross

Wrong time to put justice above politics

19 November 2014By

Two distinguished legal commentators call for a royal commission on the penal system. That’s unlikely to happen.

Patrick Allen

Innovation – taking colleagues with you

18 November 2014By Patrick Allen

How do you keep the lifeblood of our profession engaged when you are constantly asking them to challenge the way they have done things for many years?

Monidipa Fouzder

Fair’s fair at the London Law Fair

17 November 2014By

Next week's event aims to ensure talented students are not thwarted by 'elitist' recruitment practices. 

Joshua Rozenberg

Lawyers, secrets and spies

17 November 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

Safeguards apply when the security services intercept information protected by privilege, but are they adequate?

London City

Gainfully employed

17 November 2014

In-house lawyers are adept at managing structural change.

Jack Hatcher

Entering troubled waters

17 November 2014By Jack Hatcher

A shift in policy on the rescue of persons in distress at sea raises urgent questions of international law.


Hate them if you like, but we need McKenzie friends

14 November 2014By

Clients are facing an advice vacuum – they need any help they can get.

Jonathan Goldsmith

European court problems

14 November 2014By

Now is the time to solve the intractable resourcing issues at the EU General Court.


Dithering over offences against the person

13 November 2014By

A new consultation is seeking views on how to - finally - reform the archaic Offences against the Person Act 1861.

Patrick Allen

Technology innovation – not alien

12 November 2014By Patrick Allen

Lawyers often view advances as a threat to some imagined creative utopia. But they should embrace IT to survive.

Rachel rothwell

DBAs: a win for the vested interests

10 November 2014By

Government has chosen vested interests over access to justice with its decision on hybrid DBAs.


The case against common law

10 November 2014By

LSE professor Conor Gearty debunks our proud assertion that judges are infinitely wise and resolutely apolitical.

Roger Smith

Confronting the constitution

10 November 2014By Roger Smith

The issues surrounding the future of the UK constitution are too big to be decided by political cliques.

Elisabeth Davies

Friends in high places

10 November 2014

If you can’t afford a lawyer, you must accept a lesser duty of care.

Geoffrey Bindman QC

Demolishing the stereotype

10 November 2014By Geoffrey Bindman

A diverse judiciary dispenses better justice and it’s time we took radical steps to create one.

Jonathan Goldsmith

GCHQ – lawyers’ dilemma

7 November 2014By

Does the battle against terrorism mean that we should accept some interception of lawyer-client messages?

Monidipa Fouzder

Diversity quotas in the law – the issues

6 November 2014By

The imbalance of ethnic minority partners needs to be addressed. But how?


Twisted Sarah logic impossible to argue with

5 November 2014By

PI lawyers are blamed for kids turning to drugs and crime. That is ridiculous and the ‘heroism bill’ is unnecessary.

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