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Ann tyler

Law firms and the John Lewis-style model

24 August 2016By Ann Tyler

How can firms reconcile a profit-sharing model with the traditional partnership?

Mark Anderson

Contract drafters: don't be complacent

22 August 2016By Mark Anderson

Solicitors churn out contracts full of imperfections while thinking they are good at drafting. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

We are one profession

22 August 2016By

Foreign firms competing with world-class City practices will be delighted the LSB is seeking to degrade our quality mark.

Michael Cross

Advising on tax avoidance isn’t a crime

18 August 2016By

A thriving tax avoidance sector is a sign of a society that has got one thing right. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

‘Political correctness’ and lawyers

16 August 2016By

The scope of new American bar rules on anti-discrimination is controversially broad – is it time for the SRA to revisit its own?

rachel rothwell byline image 8.4.16

‘Hot tubbing’: is concurrent expert evidence working?

16 August 2016By

CEE may improve the quality of evidence but doesn't necessarily cut costs. 

Alan Sheeley

Proceeds of crime: outsourcing makes sense

15 August 2016

The use of civil fraud solicitors to boost asset recovery rates is a welcome step forward.

Rbournes cut

Judicial diversity: solicitors are the key

15 August 2016By Robert Bourns

We must help to give solicitors a ‘line of sight’ to a judicial appointment from the start of their career.


It is right to report sweary judges

12 August 2016By

Defendant John Hennigan was thoroughly unpleasant in court. But it’s not the judge’s place to exchange abuse.

Robin Murray

Touting situation is deteriorating

10 August 2016By Robin Murray

The SRA is dangerously proposing to water down public protection from touting.

Eduardo Reyes

Competition law isn’t up to the job

9 August 2016By

The Competition and Markets Authority is wrong to be cross with consumers who do not switch supplier.

Jonathan Goldsmith

A UK centre for legal innovation?

8 August 2016By

The American Bar Association’s final report on the future of legal services raises some questions for us too.


Shiner’s secret prosecution is a farce

7 August 2016Updated: 10 August 2016By

The human rights lawyer believes in transparency, doesn’t he?

Richard scorer large

With Goddard gone, this inquiry needs strong leader

6 August 2016By Richard Scorer

Victims will feel angry at the latest resignation from the child abuse inquiry – the next move is crucial.

Eduardo Reyes

Goddard – what next for child abuse inquiry?

5 August 2016By

The inquiry into child abuse is much bigger than one person, but Dame Lowell Goddard’s approach means she will be a hard act to follow.

Dixon cut

Brexit: article 50 and all that

4 August 2016By Catherine Dixon

A multi-faceted legal debate is under way about triggering article 50 under the UK’s unwritten constitution. 

Laura Devine

Byron burgers – what we have learnt

2 August 2016By Laura Devine

Irrespective of how one feels about the immigration ‘sting’, employers must understand what the law demands.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Turkey – a patchwork response from lawyers

2 August 2016By

How did the profession respond to the attempted coup internationally? And would a unified position have greater impact?

Joshua Rozenberg

Liz Truss: reserve judgement

1 August 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

We should wait and see what the new lord chancellor does before opining on whether she is up to the job.


Numbers crunch?

1 August 2016

Briggs LJ alludes to a ‘notorious’ surplus of qualified solicitors.

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