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Catherine Baksi

Praise legal aid; don’t bury it

1 August 2014By

The Legal Aid Agency and the Ministry of Justice have been silent on this week’s milestone. 


Pulling punches on usual suspects

31 July 2014By

The National Theatre’s production Great Britain misses its target.  

Michael Cross

Passports, please: diplomatically declaring war

30 July 2014By

Are we commemorating the centenary of something that never formally occurred?

Jonathan Goldsmith

Happy 65th birthday, legal aid

29 July 2014By

Plans to cut legal aid in other European states echo reforms in the UK. But protests abound.

Eduardo Reyes

Why guideline rates reform was doomed

28 July 2014By

Lord Dyson shows zero tolerance for far-reaching reform based on poor evidence gathered with insufficient funding.

Houses of Parliament

Legal aid at 65

28 July 2014

Only the public can move access to justice up the political agenda.

Stephen Whitehead

Court reforms are urgent

28 July 2014By Stephen Whitehead

An innovative drug and alcohol project shows the courts need a bigger role in tackling social problems.

Catherine Baksi

​Call time on the law officers and lord chancellor

25 July 2014By

If the positions have become ceremonial and are not held by senior lawyers, is it time to abolish them?

Melissa Davis

The perfect match?

24 July 2014By Melissa Davis

The legal world could embrace the ‘specific formula’ approach encouraged by a revolutionary dating app.


The heroism bill is Grayling’s finest hour

23 July 2014By

A bill which creates a problem and offers no solution. What a waste of time.

Rachel rothwell

Budgeting: some common assumptions

22 July 2014By

Lawyers are developing a flair for the art of budgeting.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Forum shopping for a lawyer’s title – again

21 July 2014By

A recent case involving Italian nationals clarifies the position on forum shopping in the EU.

Kenneth Clarke

HRA: thinking the ‘unthinkable’

21 July 2014

Reshuffle reveals level of scheming against human rights.

Tony Roe

Trusted advisers, by choice

21 July 2014By Tony Roe

In the face of a growing number of unregulated competitors, law firms need to revive the solicitor brand.

Joshua Rozenberg

UK constitution conundrum

21 July 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

The UK is one of only three democracies not to have codified their constitutions. Should it do so?


MPs’ anger at fake firms scandal

18 July 2014By

Vulnerable people are being exploited by companies who do know better.

Eduardo Reyes

An in-house lawyer in the Cabinet

17 July 2014By

If the new education secretary lives up to the best attributes of successful in-house lawyers, she might set a very good example.

Eddie Ross

Still in business (in 2024)

16 July 2014By Eddie Ross

Law firm leaders have to realise that the marketplace is increasingly commercial and must respond. Otherwise failure beckons.

Michael Cross

Let’s not preserve Land Registry in aspic

15 July 2014By

Withdrawal of cack-handed sell-off plan should not close all options for reform.

Jonathan Goldsmith

The Court of Justice rules, OK

14 July 2014By

Two recent stories – new UK data laws and the EU’s relationship with Switzerland – highlight the central role of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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