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Unnecessary is the new black in PI claims

5 May 2016By

Who needs to prove fraud when you can simply deem claims unnecessary?

Michael Cross

Brexit – 1975 was another country

5 May 2016By

Lawyers were urged to give ‘reassurance’ in the last European membership referendum. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

VAT on legal services – a new case

4 May 2016By

Solicitors may think that this topic does not apply to them, but an upcoming case at the Court of Justice of the European Union affects lawyers directly.


Breathing space for Slater and Gordon – just

3 May 2016By

It's a tonic for staff that the firm has struck a deal with lenders, but executives face a daunting challenge to make the numbers add up.

Joshua Rozenberg

Narrowing the Gulf

2 May 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

Will Dubai become the most connected commercial court in the world?

Margaret aspinall marcia willis stewart

Hillsborough: justice the only victor

2 May 2016

Everyone who believes we are equal before the law has cause to thank the Hillsborough lawyers.

Audrey cut

High-handed ‘high-harm’ test

2 May 2016By Audrey Cherryl Mogan

Operation Nexus is a policy written backwards from tabloid headlines on foreign criminals.

Chloe Smith

Time to put the McKenzie friend issue to rest

29 April 2016By

News that solicitors are acting as McKenzie friends will fuel the debate over unqualified advisers.

Michael Cross

Brexit, law and sunk costs

28 April 2016By

After decades of denying that Brussels creates very much law, the ‘in’ campaign has changed its tune. 

Monidipa Fouzder

‘Mob rule’ must not dictate legal aid policy

27 April 2016By

A ‘one-nation justice system’ cannot be built by recourse to crude populism.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Brexit – what's not been discussed

26 April 2016By

The in/out debate has not yet touched on borderless technologies. That’s a big omission.

rachel rothwell byline image 8.4.16

Some good news for claimant PI lawyers

25 April 2016By

Jackson LJ may have done something that will meet with approval. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

Climate change on secrecy

25 April 2016By

The Panama Papers leak has made the defence of professional confidentiality much more difficult.


Advantage in-house?

25 April 2016

The talents needed for a career at an ‘elite’ law firm can seem limited by comparison.

Alexandra wrage

Two faces of transparency

25 April 2016By Alexandra Wrage

The correct response to the Panama Papers will be consistent with our values.


Fair fees for clinical negligence

22 April 2016By Ed Fletcher

Fears have been expressed about fixed fees but radical change could address flaws in the current regime.


Bite the bullet and raise the court fees cap

20 April 2016By

If the courts must generate cash, the £10,000 limit is simply too low.

Jonathan Goldsmith

The shrinking role of lawyers in ODR

19 April 2016By

What do our regulators have to say about the part lawyers will play in online justice?

Joshua Rozenberg

Treating jurors like grown-ups

18 April 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

The Angela Wrightson case has highlighted the ways in which social media can taint a trial.

Lord McNally

LASPO – time for a review

18 April 2016

Lord McNally has appealed for cross-party consensus on legal aid.

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