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ABSs are no threat, so why treat them differently?

22 July 2016By

Non-lawyers must pledge to promote access to justice. That’s ridiculous.

rachel rothwell byline image 8.4.16

Would City law firms invest in a CLAF?

21 July 2016By

Could the City be persuaded to inject cash into a not-for-profit funder?

Fisher cut

Turkey and the rule of law

20 July 2016By

In the wake of Turkey’s failed coup, the purge of its judiciary is a deeply troubling development.

Orcun cetinkaya

Turkey: hope amid the turmoil

20 July 2016By Orçun Çetinkaya

The cleansing of Turkey’s judiciary may be necessary – but only after open and thorough investigation. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

Money laundering developments

19 July 2016By

I don't want Brexit, but it might allow the UK to escape the failing EU anti-money laundering regime.

Roger Smith

Sinking ship of state

18 July 2016By Roger Smith

Alongside the clamour over Brexit we need a calmer discussion on reforming our constitution.

Joshua Rozenberg

So it's goodbye from him

18 July 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

Michael Gove’s time as lord chancellor will be remembered as a success.

neil sugarman

Give CMCs the cold shoulder

18 July 2016By Neil Sugarman

A ban on cold calls and texts could clean up the reputation of the PI sector.

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SRA: to catch a fake

18 July 2016

Failure to deal swiftly with suspect credentials harms the profession’s reputation.


Did it really cost £86k to break Alan Blacker?

15 July 2016By

Solicitor was rightly struck off, but the nature and weight of the case seems disproportionate.

Annmarie cut

Brexit: a difficult divorce...

15 July 2016By Annmarie Carvalho

Britain’s split with the EU may well trigger the different stages of grief. Just like a divorce.


QOCS pessimism is flawed

14 July 2016By Shamik Dutta

The status quo is unconscionable. Any government committed to upholding the rule of law must extend qualified one-way costs shifting to police claims.

Chloe Smith

Fusion via the back door

13 July 2016By

Has the process of fusing the solicitor and barrister professions already begun?

Jonathan Goldsmith

Data protection – good and bad news

12 July 2016By

In the midst of political upheavals the new EU-US data protection regime has been approved – here’s what it means for lawyers.

Chantal aimcut

Supporting women at the bar

11 July 2016By Chantal-Aimée Doerries QC

With men still dominating the profession’s upper strata, the bar is stepping up its efforts to support women lawyers.


Brexit and you: solicitors have their say

11 July 2016

The Gazette canvassed law firms across the country on what the Brexit vote means for legal business. Here’s what they said.


Law treading water on race?

11 July 2016

Despite having had segregation in living memory, the US scores better on judicial appointments.

David stothard

PI: undermining the experts

11 July 2016By David Stothard

Expanding MedCo could seriously compromise the quality of medical expert evidence.

Michael Cross

Data law: keep calm and cry freedom

8 July 2016By

A Brexiting government should consider eschewing the EU's general data protection regulation.

rachel rothwell byline image 8.4.16

Will we see QOCS expanded to new areas?

5 July 2016By

Extension to claims against police about as likely as England winning the 2018 World Cup. 

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