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Interventions: the innocent pay, too

27 January 2015By

When a partner misbehaves, everyone around them can be tarnished.  

Jonathan Goldsmith

Endangered lawyers

26 January 2015By

As the legal revolution progresses, the danger is that the weakest and most abused clients will be pushed to the margins.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Lawyers: a class apart?

26 January 2015By

We must take great care when arguing that lawyers are ‘special’.

Skype screen

Courts saved by Skype?

26 January 2015

Starting work on some of Leveson’s recommendations for the courts must be a priority.

John McKenna

Breaking free of coercion

26 January 2015By John McKenna

Legislating emotional abuse will prove difficult.

Eduardo Reyes

Chilcot approach crowds out the rule of law

23 January 2015By

The impression left by this protracted circus is that lawyers are there to protect the powerful and wealthy.

Michael Cross

Back in the mags

22 January 2015By

Magistrates’ courts have changed over the past few decades. 

Andrea Rasmussen

Will-writing and negligence

21 January 2015By Andrea Rasmussen

The winter months highlight the issues raised by wills drafted without the help of a qualified solicitor.

Joanna Goodman

Law, the cloud and data

21 January 2015By Joanna Goodman

Are lawyers making good use of ‘the cloud’ and ‘big data’?

Rachel rothwell

We are still in the dark on proportionality

20 January 2015By

Judges are quick to chop down legal bills, but we still don’t know what proportionality really means.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Lawyer surveillance after Charlie Hebdo

19 January 2015By

Lawyer-client confidentiality could come under renewed threat following the recent terrorist attacks.

Andrew Caplen

Fundamentals of freedom

19 January 2015By Andrew Caplen

We must not allow the Paris atrocities to ignite a bonfire of our liberties.

Dominic Grieve

Lofty ideals laid low

19 January 2015

The way government has set about removing the law’s ‘height advantage’ is depressing.

Joshua Rozenberg

Equality and difference

19 January 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

A heterosexual couple may struggle in their attempt to register as civil partners.

Sue Bramall

The road less travelled

16 January 2015By Sue Bramall

Law firms are too easily discouraged from breaking free from the crowd when it comes to marketing.

Michelle Garlick

Compliance and competitors - five things to look out for

15 January 2015By Michelle Garlick

2015 will see competition for business intensify, but it will also bring countless opportunities.


Grayling's JR concession: exceptionally bad

14 January 2015By

The lord chancellor was trying to make this debate go away - instead he upset his own MPs.

Michael Cross

What do we do with a problem like Arabia?

14 January 2015By

The case of lawyer Walid Abu al-Khair deserves attention. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

The LSB: stuck in 2007

12 January 2015By

There is a worrying lack of focus on the public interest in the board’s latest draft strategic plan, which seems mired in a carefree past.

Monidipa Fouzder

Duty contracts: what firms need to know

12 January 2015By

Law Society roadshow looks at details of the legal aid crime duty tender process.

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