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Rachel rothwell

Why is morale so low among judges?

27 February 2015By

Judges’ problems go way beyond cuts to their pensions.


Money talks on LASPO exemption

27 February 2015By

The government is willing to listen to reasoned arguments – it just depends who’s making them.

Eduardo Reyes

Summit: agreed themes divide the speakers

25 February 2015By

Speakers at the opening session had different ideas about the meaning of simple words.

Paul rogerson

Big Joe 12, Hangman 0

24 February 2015By

‘Get me Beltrami’ – the Glasgow solicitor who became a legend.

Michael Cross

At Waterloo, the Code Napoleon didn’t surrender

24 February 2015By

Boney’s gay justice minister deserves to be better known in the common law world. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

When power rules law

23 February 2015By

The UK is not the same as Russia – but we should not be so superior.

Pen and keyboard

Thinking digitally

23 February 2015

The tangible benefits of big data to lawyers and clients are becoming obvious.

Samantha Pegg

Wrong on ‘revenge porn’

23 February 2015By Dr Samantha Pegg

A new criminal offence for ‘revenge porn’ is laudable in its intent, but an opportunity missed.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Money laundering: thank you, Canada

20 February 2015By

If only Europe would share Canada’s view that money laundering obligations are inconsistent with efforts to maintain lawyer-client confidentiality.


‘He was articled to his father’

20 February 2015By

A century on, the Gazette's monthly Roll of Honour tells a poignant tale.  

Eduardo Reyes

A ‘strategic’ approach in-house

19 February 2015By

In-house lawyers are motivated to work on cutting-edge cases that ‘really matter’. How can they be approached strategically?

Rachel rothwell

A judicial eye on bundles

18 February 2015By

Efforts to reduce the cost of trial bundles are impressing the bench.


​Mental health tribunal pains

17 February 2015By

The hope is that updated guidance for solicitors on mental health tribunals will improve the process.

Caroline Dunne

Warning witnesses: the risks

16 February 2015By Caroline Dunne

Providing witnesses with the level of detail suggested risks tipping trials in favour of the prosecution.

Joshua Rozenberg

Access to learning fund

16 February 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

How is the money raised from the sale of the College of Law’s goodwill and assets being spent?


Capital charges

16 February 2015

Annual rent in central London is running at £22,400 per fee-earner.

Michael Prest

Gulf law: built on sand?

16 February 2015By Michael Prest

Does the expansion of Gulf financial centres truly demonstrate the solidity of the region’s legal systems?

Monidipa Fouzder

Lessons in judicial courtesy

15 February 2015By

Applying procedural fairness in the courts can improve compliance.

Jonathan Goldsmith

A visit from the notary

13 February 2015By

The complications that arise when obtaining a power of attorney.

Michael Cross

Stand up for tax lawyers

12 February 2015By

Believers in the rule of law should celebrate its use to dodge tax. 

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