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Jonathan Goldsmith

Some important IBA products

31 October 2014By

Significant documents came out of the recent conference in Tokyo.

Sue Bramall

Sticking to it

31 October 2014By Sue Bramall

New initiatives that do not produce instant results are dismissed by lawyers. More patience and persistence are required.

Michael Cross

Land of the rising lawyer

30 October 2014By

Japan looks to build a global legal services industry. And it’s one that presents more of an opportunity than a threat. 

Rachel rothwell

Judges must be braver about hot-tubbing

29 October 2014By

Concurrent evidence is universally approved, so why aren’t more judges ordering it to take place?


Building time

28 October 2014By Suzanne Gill

It’s time property lawyers played their part in the big debates that will shape our built environment.

Eduardo Reyes

Should lawyers remain bored by tax?

27 October 2014By

If firms pay more attention to tax ‘leakage’, they could attract and retain more clients in a difficult practice area.

Jonathan Goldsmith

What is a lawyer?

27 October 2014By

The boundary between being a lawyer and non-lawyer is becoming blurred – but we still have one thing to hold on to.

US Department of Justice

Getting tough on bribery

27 October 2014

The US sees honest conduct as ‘pro-business’.

Catherine Rayner

Human rights imperative

27 October 2014By Catherine Rayner

The International Olympic Committee’s new anti-discrimination clause has symbolic power.


Is it time to refuse pro bono work?

24 October 2014By

The government is relying on the generosity of lawyers – maybe now enough is enough.

Monidipa Fouzder

Robots running law firms? Surely not

23 October 2014By

Forget ‘Tesco’ law and legal aid cuts – the real threat to the status quo for lawyers might be more futuristic.

Jonathan Goldsmith

A new EU term begins

20 October 2014By

After the protracted handover of European commissions, there is much to keep lawyers occupied.

Adam Sampson

Volunteering for regulation

20 October 2014By Adam Sampson

Should we open our doors to unregulated providers via a voluntary scheme?

Joshua Rozenberg

Sitting in judgement

20 October 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

The chairman of new press regulator Ipso will be rated on his ability to determine the public interest.

Mark Castle

Giving victims a fair hearing

20 October 2014

The Rotherham grooming scandal bolsters the case for more witness support, says Mark Castle.

Old Bailey

Is the ‘rule of law’ oversold?

20 October 2014

Are we not wrong to conflate compliance with high ethical standards?

Sue Bramall

The will to compete

17 October 2014By Sue Bramall

Lawyers’ anger over accountants moving into probate work must be countered by a desire to fight the competition.


Grayling doesn’t need to be a lawyer

17 October 2014By

Whether or not he has the right credentials, Grayling’s education shouldn’t preclude him from lord chancellor role.

Monidipa Fouzder

Media lose marbles over Amal

15 October 2014By

Barrister Amal Alamuddin continues to make the wrong sort of headlines. 

Rachel rothwell

RTA claims: what’s going on

14 October 2014By

A rise in traffic accident damages may disguise a worrying trend in settlements.

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