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An unexpected boost for claimants

29 September 2016By

A court ruling will prove a boon to third-party funders.

Mark andersonnew

Bake Off: what’s to stop the BBC reinventing the show?

28 September 2016By Mark Anderson

TV production companies try to accrue a mass of IP protections to fend off competition.


Labour finally doing itself justice

28 September 2016By

It probably won’t win the public over, but Labour is openly wooing the legal profession.

Max Walters

Grammar police heading to the bar

27 September 2016By

Will commas and full stops give the bar and clients nightmares?

Jonathan Goldsmith

Separation of powers, US-style

26 September 2016By

How a case involving dentists complicates the debate about splitting regulation from representation.

David Cameron

Taking the law for granted

26 September 2016

IBA report is a wakeup call for solicitors.

Jll headshot

Law firms need cash to compete

26 September 2016By John Llewellyn-Lloyd

External investment could transform the UK legal market within five years.

Dixon cut

Brexit: maintaining cross-border rights

23 September 2016By Catherine Dixon

Cross-border practising rights must be a priority in planning for Brexit.

Fisher cut

Military claims: killing the lawyers?

23 September 2016By

Politicians and the press must stop vilifying lawyers for doing their job and upholding the rule of law. 

Leanne maund

SRA 'jumping the gun'?

20 September 2016

New vision for regulation should worry junior lawyers, says JLD chair Leanne Maund.

Jonathan Goldsmith

The impact of the IBA

19 September 2016By

What good is the International Bar Association to a criminal legal aid solicitor in Rotherham?

Joshua Rozenberg

Uber-regulator’s blurred vision

19 September 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

The LSB’s grand plan for overhauling regulation has been damned with faint praise.

Pw c

One size does not fit all

19 September 2016

The big four’s successful business model relies on the cross-selling of products.

John halford cut

Brexit and legal certainty

19 September 2016By John Halford

Attempts to trivialise Article 50 litigation are unworthy.


Finally, a judgment we can all understand

16 September 2016By

I don’t want the law to be dumbed down, just made more manageable.

Dixon cut

Brexit: maintaining cross-border dispute regulations

16 September 2016By Catherine Dixon

Post-Brexit trade rules must not imperil more than £500bn of British business.

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Privatising family law by the back door

14 September 2016By

Private financial dispute resolution hearings - a BUPA to the courts’ NHS - are thriving.

Jonathan Goldsmith

TTIP, globalisation and lawyers

13 September 2016By

It is timely to contemplate what the retreat from globalisation might mean for our profession.

Cheffings nicholas

Widening the solicitor gene pool

13 September 2016By Nicholas Cheffings

Law firms must do their bit to foster social mobility.

Roger Smith

Constitutional monstrosity

12 September 2016By Roger Smith

Whatever the fate of Phil Shiner, the Legal Aid Agency has to go.

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