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Rachel rothwell

Budgeting: some common assumptions

22 July 2014By

Lawyers are developing a flair for the art of budgeting.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Forum shopping for a lawyer’s title – again

21 July 2014By

A recent case involving Italian nationals clarifies the position on forum shopping in the EU.

Joshua Rozenberg

UK constitution conundrum

21 July 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

The UK is one of only three democracies not to have codified their constitutions. Should it do so?

Kenneth Clarke

HRA: thinking the ‘unthinkable’

21 July 2014

Reshuffle reveals level of scheming against human rights.

Tony Roe

Trusted advisers, by choice

21 July 2014By Tony Roe

In the face of a growing number of unregulated competitors, law firms need to revive the solicitor brand.


MPs’ anger at fake firms scandal

18 July 2014By

Vulnerable people are being exploited by companies who do know better.

Eduardo Reyes

An in-house lawyer in the Cabinet

17 July 2014By

If the new education secretary lives up to the best attributes of successful in-house lawyers, she might set a very good example.

Eddie Ross

Still in business (in 2024)

16 July 2014By Eddie Ross

Law firm leaders have to realise that the marketplace is increasingly commercial and must respond. Otherwise failure beckons.

Michael Cross

Let’s not preserve Land Registry in aspic

15 July 2014By

Withdrawal of cack-handed sell-off plan should not close all options for reform.

Jonathan Goldsmith

The Court of Justice rules, OK

14 July 2014By

Two recent stories – new UK data laws and the EU’s relationship with Switzerland – highlight the central role of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Roger Smith

Out of Africa

14 July 2014By Roger Smith

South Africa contains an institution that should be an inspiration to all those concerned with equality and justice.


Brand at a premium

14 July 2014

With PII, it is in no one’s interest to go shopping as the prices and goods are changed.

Rachel rothwell

Mitchell: end to opportunism

14 July 2014By

Is it now safe for lawyers to behave decently to one another again?

David Pickup

PII brokers: free pen please?

11 July 2014By David Pickup

Proposal forms offer a great way for insurance brokers to obtain boundless information on solicitors.


Where’s the apology for Mitchell chaos?

11 July 2014By

It cannot just be district judges and opportunistic solicitors to blame for the mess the original Mitchell judgment caused.

Sue Bramall

Make time for marketing

10 July 2014By Sue Bramall

Business is picking up after several rocky years. But being too busy for marketing should ring alarm bells.

Catherine Baksi

Bar deal applies to just 0.1% of work

9 July 2014By

Agreement on VHCCs does nothing to aid majority of criminal bar, let alone solicitors.

Andy Slaughter

Residence test shame

9 July 2014By Andy Slaughter MP

Plans to impose a residence test on legal aid eligibility will impede the vulnerable and could even cost the government money.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Summer doldrums in the EU

7 July 2014By

The transition between EU governments is painfully slow and this doesn’t help when issues need addressing urgently.

Joshua Rozenberg

Niqabs ban: fine ‘margin’

7 July 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

The ECtHR’s decision to uphold France’s burqa ban is politically convenient.

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