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Jonathan Goldsmith

Lawyers, Brexit and trade deals

24 October 2016By

Trade deals are going out of fashion. But there is much lawyers can do to create growth opportunities.

Islington law centre

CSR – on to a good thing

24 October 2016

From pro bono to volunteering, the CSR ‘label’ adds impetus to the best initiatives.

O'mahony cut

Jeremy Hunt’s unhealthy proposal

24 October 2016By Elizabeth O’Mahony

The health secretary’s rapid redress scheme is another exercise in trashing the value of lawyers.

Susan Monty

Tips for returning to a legal career

21 October 2016By Susan Monty

It requires thought, but lawyers can relaunch their career in their 50s. 

Rodney dixon qc

Justice for victims of Gaza flotilla raid?

18 October 2016

The Israel-Turkey agreement over the 2010 raid sidelines its victims and does nothing to contribute to a wider peace process.

Joshua Rozenberg

Brexit and the courts

17 October 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

Do we need to enact legislation before triggering article 50?

Alison Saunders

Thirty years of the CPS

17 October 2016By Alison Saunders

The CPS has come a long way since 1986, and our commitment to delivering justice is stronger than ever.


Whiplash debate and respecting people’s rights

17 October 2016

Pledges that motor premiums would fall by £50 were blatant spin.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Crime and transparency in the EU

17 October 2016Updated: 17 October 2016By

Important decisions were taken at EU Council meetings last week on matters ranging from legal aid to enabling tax avoidance.

Rachel rothwell

At last we will know how proportionality works

14 October 2016By

Damaging uncertainty about the Jackson rule has gone on for long enough. 


Truss juggles with Osborne's whiplash baby

13 October 2016By

Claimants can allow themselves a small celebration today.

Ben Gaston

Immigration appeal fee hikes: are they lawful?

13 October 2016

Proposals risk insidious erosion of access to justice for those whose needs are most acute.


Sporting chance

12 October 2016

To enhance their professional and personal lives, women lawyers should find time for sport, Alex Kelham argues.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Theresa May and 'activist' lawyers

11 October 2016By

The UK is now a country that works for everyone – except me. And if you are a lawyer, it might not work for you either.

Richard Martin

Light up purple

10 October 2016

Today is world mental health day – and lawyer-managers need to do more for their staff, says Richard Martin

Roger Smith

Transforming justice – beyond the bombast

10 October 2016By Roger Smith

One hopes the MoJ can implement its proposals for transforming justice more adroitly than it has articulated them.


Liz Truss – window of opportunity

10 October 2016

After nearly three months in post, the lord chancellor remains difficult to read.

Dixon cut

Solicitors can help UK avoid costly Brexit mistakes

7 October 2016By Catherine Dixon

The Law Society and solicitors can apply their specialist expertise as the country prepares to withdraw from the EU.


Here’s how I’d tackle the whiplash culture

6 October 2016By

If the government must do something, it’s looking in the wrong place.

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