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Michael Cross

Conveyancing and the great address mess

23 April 2014By

It makes economic sense for address records to be made freely available as a single national resource.

Jonathan Goldsmith

PII – a flawed framework

18 April 2014By

Problems in the cross-border insurance market will continue as long as member states’ legal systems differ.


How can Co-op recover from this?

17 April 2014By

Losses are disastrous for the ABS pioneer, which is now hamstrung by a toxic brand.

Murray Heining

Costs management is here to stay

17 April 2014By Murray Heining

The removal of the £2m-plus cases costs management exemption will ultimately lead to clarity for both solicitors and clients.

Michael Cross

Lloyd George’s secretary knew my father

16 April 2014By

No commemoration of 1914 can overlook the most influential solicitor of all time. 

Catherine Baksi

The end of the affair

14 April 2014By

Many criminal solicitors feel betrayed by the bar on legal aid. But they must not be embittered.

Rachel rothwell

Arbitration in PI: a signal to the judiciary?

14 April 2014By

Could arbitration really be used in personal injury, or is this more of a message to the judges?

Sheree Green

Statute of liberty

14 April 2014By Sheree Green

Our understanding of ‘deprivation of liberty’ has been redefined, with implications for policy-makers and the law.

Jonathan Goldsmith

A blow against the security state

11 April 2014By

The annulment of an EU data retention directive has implications for the government – and lawyers.

David Pickup

The solicitors’ new year

10 April 2014By David Pickup

With unique pressures shaping the profession, maybe we should have our own calendar.

Michael Cross

Local heroes seek new models

9 April 2014By

Council legal departments are buzzing with survival strategies in the face of continued cuts.

SRA London

The problem with RSAs

8 April 2014By Vanessa Shenton

The SRA’s approach to regulatory settlement agreements places firms between a rock and a hard place.


Is it time to scrap mandatory PII?

8 April 2014By

Is the best way to stop this annual hoopla to give the client a choice?

Ismaeel Waseem

Sharia wills: the facts

7 April 2014By Ismaeel Waseem

It is not the aim of the Law Society or Muslims to promote a dual legal system.

Simon Hughes

Family justice: generational shift

7 April 2014By Simon Hughes

The family justice system is being reformed with the welfare of children at its heart.

Jonathan Goldsmith

EU funds for lawyers

4 April 2014By

The EU offers funds for lawyers for a range of activities.

Michael Cross

Pigeon-steps towards open justice

2 April 2014By

The Law Commission's proposal to publish reporting restrictions is overdue and welcome. 

Rachel rothwell

Police claims: ‘insurmountable’ costs barrier

1 April 2014By

How the Jackson reforms have inhibited police claims.


Human rights and the bottom line

31 March 2014By

Human rights campaigns should not depend on cost-benefits analyses – but they can come in handy.

Melanie Strickland

Trade agreement – corporate capture?

31 March 2014By Melanie Strickland

In the interests of democracy we need a full public debate on the new EU-US trade agreement.

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