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Jonathan Goldsmith

Judges, judges everywhere

19 September 2014By

There is a proliferation of organisations in Europe representing judges. Do we need them all?


Managing lawyers

18 September 2014By Rachel Stow

Solicitors aren’t trained how to manage people. But common sense and pragmatism can help send the right message from senior lawyers.

Michael Cross

Silly money and sensible planning

17 September 2014By

Planning reforms are essential to fixing the housing crisis. The question is which reforms.  

Paul rogerson

‘Should we kill all the lawyers?’

15 September 2014By

Rod Liddle hates lawyers. But the media controversialist’s claim that we live in a ‘juristocracy’ is well over the top.

Jonathan Goldsmith

European Lawyers Day

15 September 2014By

The first event of its kind aims to celebrate the rule of law and promote lawyers’ common values.

Joshua Rozenberg

Important changes in law

15 September 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

What were the most important legal developments of the past 30 years?

Yes/No campaigns in Scotland

Scotland: breaking new ground

15 September 2014

Independence or further devolution would have legal consequences for England and Wales.

Steve Broach

Bad parents in authority

15 September 2014By Steve Broach

Councils are flouting the law by failing looked-after children and young people in care.

Melissa Davis

Don’t fall behind in Latin America

12 September 2014By Melissa Davis

Too often UK law firms leave Latin American work to Spanish and US firms – they should be more confident.


Dealing with the incompetent

12 September 2014By

Did downsizing during the recession leave many firms short of competent lawyers?

Catherine Baksi

Courts, TV and Twitter – the perfect combination?

11 September 2014By

Electronic media will change courtroom behaviour, but not necessarily in the way most people assume. 

Richard Burcher

Considerations on GHRs

10 September 2014By Richard Burcher

A look at other jurisdictions tells us that we must take a granular and nuanced approach to pricing legal work.


Cornwall's candour bodes ill

8 September 2014

Cuts will compromise council’s ‘capacity and resilience’.

Andrew Caplen

On the campaign trail

8 September 2014

We need your support in our fight for access to justice.

Roger Smith

Listen to Lady Hale

8 September 2014By Roger Smith

We do not need to look to Europe for a source of legal inspiration.

Michael Cross

Some corner of a foreign field

5 September 2014By

The Ypres grave of articled clerk Cyril Montagu Pope is worth visiting.

David Pickup

Comparison site and a free cuddly toy

5 September 2014By David Pickup

How comparison website for solicitors’ indemnity would make system more efficient.


Cocky Co-op has to lick its wounds

5 September 2014By

The company simply grew too quickly – and the clear-up job is a painful one.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Clients’ money in the news

5 September 2014By

A raft of measures to prevent money laundering highlights the difficulty lawyers face in holding confidential financial information for clients in a high-tech world.

Michael Cross

Honest, officer, it’s in the post

4 September 2014By

Changes to the time-honoured car tax disc rule may be of interest to lawyers. 

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