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Eduardo Reyes

When planning drives local government

22 August 2014By

It would be a mistake to let planning law drive the shape of London’s local democracy.


Who cares it’s August. Get back to work

21 August 2014By

The legal profession seems stuck in a time warp of long August breaks.

Ed Foster

Managing the conveyancer shortfall

20 August 2014By Ed Foster

One legacy of the recession is that there is a shortage of trained conveyancers now times are improving.

Michael Cross

Arbitration should not be a cloak

19 August 2014By

Settling the e-borders fiasco in private has a cost beyond the £224m awarded to a contractor. 

Rachel rothwell

Commercial lawyers: new target for claims

18 August 2014By

Commercial lawyers who failed to give proper advice on funding and ATE are likely to be the next target for claims.

Jonathan Goldsmith

A course in US history

15 August 2014By

Solid rock of US constitution stands in the way of EU-US free trade talks.

Catherine Baksi

​Is depression the last taboo for law firms?

14 August 2014By

Lawyers suffering from depression often don’t want to talk about it. But the profession needs to do more. 

Andrew Caplen

Across the pond

13 August 2014

TTIP talks should address barriers to free movement of lawyers between the EU and US, says Law Society president Andrew Caplen.

David Pickup

Law books for summer

12 August 2014By David Pickup

There is a good array of fiction set in the legal world. But why are the stars always barristers and not solicitors?

Jonathan Goldsmith

If only Lord Hill were Lady Hill

11 August 2014By

The UK’s new European commissioner candidate may face one insuperable problem – he is not a woman.

Eduardo Reyes

Legal legacy of 1914’s ‘boy soldiers’

8 August 2014By

Protests over under-age recruitment have their echoes today. 


Regulator is bewitched by insurance mirage

8 August 2014By

Before stepping out into the unknown, perhaps the SRA should check the forecast.


Lawyers on the hippy trail?

7 August 2014By

Take better care of yourselves – even if 2014 isn’t the summer of love.

Michael Cross

Arresting case for open justice

6 August 2014By

Right to be forgotten may be good news for open justice.

Child in Gaza

Open thread: Gaza and international law

5 August 2014

‘I’m not an international lawyer,’ the prime minister said yesterday when asked to comment on the legality of Israeli military action. ‘It’s up to international lawyers.’ What is your opinion?

First world war troops

The short-lived planning legacy of the Great War

4 August 2014By

Noble attempts were made to set a new standard for social housing after the first world war.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Hot topics at ABA meeting

4 August 2014By

Long-running issues - including a proposed free-trade deal between Europe and the US - are up for discussion in Boston.

Joshua Rozenberg

Grieve: conventional wisdom

4 August 2014By Joshua Rozenberg

Dominic Grieve should be applauded for putting commitment to the rule of law ahead of his party’s short-term political advantage.

WW1 signpost

The 1914-18 war

4 August 2014

Solicitors’ active service shaped views they took back into practice.

Graham Allen MP

A codified constitution

4 August 2014By Graham Allen MP

Under a written constitution all would have access to the political ‘rulebook’.

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