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How fixed costs are looking

24 May 2016By

The more things develop, the more one gets the sense that the reality is going to be less radical than first feared. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

The IBA and lawyers

23 May 2016By

We should pay more attention to the International Bar Association. Directly and indirectly, its work affects what we do.


The law and diversity – class is permanent

23 May 2016

Privately educated people are over-represented by a factor of five in the senior ranks of the law.

Elly proudlock use

Anti-corruption: the devil's in the detail

23 May 2016By Elly Proudlock

Did the PM’s anti-corruption summit contain more rhetoric than substance?

Eduardo Reyes

​Missing a trick in Manila

19 May 2016By

Norton Rose Fulbright should do more than admin in Manila — why not legal work too?

Jonathan Goldsmith

TTIP: deal or no deal?

18 May 2016Updated: 19 May 2016By

Much is at stake for lawyers in the controversial TTIP talks, which are now floundering.

Michael Cross

Dan Dare will need a good lawyer

18 May 2016By

David Cameron’s ambition for a UK spaceport, announced in the Queen's speech, faces epic legal battles. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

Technology disrupting law

16 May 2016By

Interesting developments in the always-trending world of the impact of hi-tech on the legal profession.

Joshua Rozenberg

False economy on custody

16 May 2016By Joshua Rozenberg

The welfare of those detained by police is at risk after home secretary’s ‘bizarre’ U-turn.

Sandra Paul

Coping with online disclosure

16 May 2016By Sandra Paul

Our criminal justice system must be fit for a digital age.

Collingwood thompson

Anti-corruption: measuring success

11 May 2016By Collingwood Thompson QC

We must judge the success of this week’s London summit only by the long-term practical actions that may follow.

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Will MedCo be expanded beyond whiplash?

10 May 2016By

Some worrying clues suggest the online portal’s remit may be widened.

Jonathan Goldsmith

The Unified Patent Court and Brexit

9 May 2016By

The UK fought hard to have the court placed in its jurisdiction. A Brexit would undo that effort.

Roger Smith

Refuting a classic slur

9 May 2016By Roger Smith

London’s toxic mayoral election highlighted the dangers of identifying solicitors with their clients.

money coins

Following the crowd

9 May 2016

Crowdfunding could be confused with the Big Society in action.

Willis stewart

Justice delayed, but not denied

9 May 2016By Marcia Willis-Stewart

The historic Hillsborough inquests ended with a resounding vindication of a 27-year struggle for the truth.


Unnecessary is the new black in PI claims

5 May 2016By

Who needs to prove fraud when you can simply deem claims unnecessary?

Michael Cross

Brexit – 1975 was another country

5 May 2016By

Lawyers were urged to give ‘reassurance’ in the last European membership referendum. 

Jonathan Goldsmith

VAT on legal services – a new case

4 May 2016By

Solicitors may think that this topic does not apply to them, but an upcoming case at the Court of Justice of the European Union affects lawyers directly.


Breathing space for Slater and Gordon – just

3 May 2016By

It's a tonic for staff that the firm has struck a deal with lenders, but executives face a daunting challenge to make the numbers add up.

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