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Rachel rothwell

Dangers of out-of-touch law

25 November 2015By

Judges should heed LCJ's warning that law may ‘ossify’ if arbitration replaces the courts.


ABS failures show law is no easy ride

23 November 2015By

Pioneers thought they had a game-changer, but this profession is a tough nut to crack.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Greetings from a failed state

23 November 2015By

As I cower in my house, now is a good time to talk about the balance between liberty and security. 

Joshua Rozenberg

Violations of the mind

23 November 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

The family courts are making creative use of their powers to combat radicalisation, but these are limited.

Lesley Landsberg

Bundle of contradictions?

23 November 2015

A contrary decision would have dealt the concept of unbundling a grievous blow.

Elly Proudlock

Watchdog’s waiting game

23 November 2015By Elly Proudlock

Can the Competition and Markets Authority fulfil the ambitions of its new enforcement chief?

Chloe Smith

Regulation will not keep competitors at bay

20 November 2015By

Law firms should seek to innovate to keep up with new competitors rather than focusing on defensive regulation.

Jeremy Wright QC

Contempt of court: GQ ruling

19 November 2015By Jeremy Wright QC

A balance must be struck between the right to voice opinion and the need to ensure fairness in the justice system, writes the attorney-general.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Venezuela – a lawyers’ hell

17 November 2015By

Lawyers in Venezuela need support from their colleagues elsewhere.

Monidipa Fouzder

Time for a legal aid truce

16 November 2015By

The government has bought itself time to come up with a new strategy.

Dixon cut

Your Law Society

16 November 2015By Catherine Dixon

The Law Society’s chief executive unveils a new strategy for the organisation.


The third degree

16 November 2015

Litigation funders must ward off powerful critics.

Jeremy robson

Structured mayhem in court

16 November 2015By Jeremy Robson

Criminal justice may be ritualised and in some respects archaic, but a strict regimen is critical to fair trials.


Should the SRA care if a lawyer smokes dope?

13 November 2015By

Why must the regulator go after solicitors who commit a minor offence in their private life?

Jonathan Goldsmith

A little-known trade deal

10 November 2015By

There has been much emphasis on TTIP. But another agreement will affect lawyers’ markets too.

Battle of Loos

November 1915: a roll to remember

10 November 2015By

Thirteen names give a snapshot of the Great War’s toll on solicitors and articled clerks. 


Trial by social media

9 November 2015By

Clive O'Connell's plight shows that lawyers are always representing their employer. Anonymity is a luxury of the past.

Rachel rothwell

When legal fees outweigh damages

9 November 2015By

Proper budgeting would be a better solution than more fixed fees for claimants.

Roger Smith

Grayling just didn’t get it

9 November 2015By Roger Smith

There’s more to the sorry saga of the criminal courts charge than a dud policy implemented by a hapless lord chancellor.


Wise counsel pick and mix

9 November 2015

Ambitious global firms need to listen more closely to their clients.

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