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Legal advice for all

18 May 2015By Camilla Palmer

We need to be more imaginative in providing legal advice for people with no money, by working together with help from law firms.

National strategy needed

18 May 2015By Sue Wigley

Citizens Advice is not looking at a national programme to charge for advice.

Loss of faith in solicitors

18 May 2015By John Davies

I write to highlight a worrying decline in the status of solicitors in our society.

Assessing fitness to stand trial

11 May 2015By Richard Crumly

Surely the business of unfit to stand trial proceeds thus.

Partnership vanity trap

11 May 2015By Christopher Digby-Bell

The traditional collegiate partnership model is deeply flawed.

TTIP balance

11 May 2015

David Rivkin disingenuous over trade-deal worries.


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