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Legal aid: squeezed middle

23 May 2016By John Greenwood

The rich can pay, the poor invade the courts and middle-earners lose out altogether. What can be done about ‘partial law’?

Where are the role models?

23 May 2016By Christopher Digby-Bell

I would have a go at those successful women who have pulled up the ladder behind them.

Sporting solicitor: rugby fixture

23 May 2016By Maurice Large

Duncan Madsen was the Scotland hooker from 1974 to 1978.

Judgment day

23 May 2016By Peter Hatvany

Low-level number of judgments against businesses probably down to 600% or so increase in up-front court fees.

Showcasing law firms

16 May 2016By David Pickup

Accreditation has served us well. A scheme for general practice would help showcase those firms which offer advice on a range of subjects.


Excelling without a law degree

16 May 2016By John Gurney-Champion

I never went to university, and I am still practising at 93.


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