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Flawed on fraud

17 November 2014By James Pinder

The arguments advanced to explain job losses in solicitors’ fraud departments are misconceived.

Fiona Woolf: justice must be seen to be done

17 November 2014By Elainne M Lawrie

As chair of inquiry, how did Ms Woolf honestly think any questioning of the government minister with whom she is on the same dinner party circuit would be perceived?

Discharge dilemma

17 November 2014By R M Napier

Can anything be done to persuade mortgage lenders to transmit discharges promptly?

In defence of Fiona Woolf

10 November 2014By Christopher Digby-Bell

The profession should have supported Lord Mayor of London before she resigned as chair of the sex abuse inquiry. Instead there was silence.

Paying for the privilege

10 November 2014By David Harrington

Complainants should face financial consequences if they persist in pursuing unmeritorious claims.

Complaints: pressing charges

10 November 2014By Robert Last

The suggestion of a complainant having to pay an initial fee, returnable if the complaint is upheld, seems eminently sensible.

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