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Unscientific policy

23 November 2015

Closing the Forensic Science Service was an act of ministerial folly which appears set to be compounded by scrapping the archive too

Lessons about relationships

23 November 2015

Couples have more and more options over the way they arrange their lives, with marriage (same and opposite sex), civil partnerships (only same sex at present but possibly opposite sex if the current lobby succeeds), and cohabitation and ‘common law marriage’. Each brings different levels of financial obligation and responsibility if the relationship breaks down. They range from marriage, with an equal sharing financial obligation, to cohabitation, with no financial claim arising from ...

​New pecking order in law

23 November 2015

The Law Society’s response to the government’s proposals for court closures is an excellent, thorough and detailed piece of work, which reflects great credit on the Society, and those who so assiduously argued the case for each court.

​Declaration confusion

23 November 2015

My enquiries have not been able to shed light on a query that is causing great debate within the profession.

Legal diversity’s retreating horizon

16 November 2015

Lord Hodge confidently predicts that the diversity imbalance on the bench will soon be redressed. But we’ve heard it all before.

Losing the ‘golden thread’ of justice

16 November 2015By Chris Layland

The presumption of innocence is surely in intensive care.


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