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Talent management and the law

29 June 2015By Gifty Edila

A policy of ‘poshness’ excludes real talent. Firms that support diversity initiatives are best placed to get the best people.

Lawyers making a stand

29 June 2015By Ian Godfrey

If solicitors and barristers cannot stand up for vulnerable people, who will?

Pulling cab rank

29 June 2015By James Button

The cab rank rule so often espoused by the bar does not apply to hackney carriages either.

Wrong on summary justice

22 June 2015By Jim Brisbane

The benefits of TSJ - swifter justice with fewer hearings and more effective trials - apply most notably for victims and witnesses.

Justice built on sand?

22 June 2015By Julian S Linskill

Over recent weeks, my experience in the magistrates’ court has not been encouraging.

Empty offences

22 June 2015By Jon Heath

Roger Smith surprised me with his views on the Offences against the Person Act 1861.


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