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Iraq invasion: Straw men

26 September 2016By Myles Hickey

Politicians who led the UK into disastrous and illegal foreign wars face no sanction while ministers revel in the closure of a legal aid firm.

Online divorce – patience needed

26 September 2016By Tony Roe

Expectation surrounds news that divorce applications will be allowed online, but we must be patient.

Transforming justice: online portal access

26 September 2016By Peter F Bolwell

What about defendants who do not have a computer?

Unclear on transparency

19 September 2016By Richard Allen

How much more transparent can solicitors be? We have always been required to give clients an estimate of likely costs at the outset.

‘Industry’ demeans lawyers

19 September 2016By Richard Salvidge

The use of the word ‘industry’ as a descriptor for the profession demeans not only the profession itself but also the professionals.

Cohabitees and family law

12 September 2016By Frances Sieber

A recent Court of Appeal ruling sets a potentially dangerous precedent regarding what constitutes a binding agreement between parties.


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