Your letters

Criminal lack of support

1 August 2016By Richard Edwards

Applying the revised Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme to the tragic case of Jo Cox MP demonstrates the regime’s shortcomings.

EU referendum: a unique opportunity to save courts

1 August 2016By John Greenwood

The public interest should be a priority.

Buyers beware

1 August 2016By Sean Crean

The first-time buyers who need the most help have the roughest deal.

Dangerous driving plea

25 July 2016By Mark Holland

Unless we act together, more families will continue to suffer injustice.

Attorney query over identity

25 July 2016By Angela Neale

I would be interested to hear views on buying from a seller who sells under a specific power of attorney.

Expert opinion

25 July 2016By Henry Brookman

Every lawyer who has employed an expert knows the critical importance of the expert confining their evidence to matters of his own expert knowledge.