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Deciding who is fit to serve

24 October 2016By Christopher Digby-Bell

For the Law Society to engage more fully with its membership it should revive the right for members – rather than council – to vote for president.

On the alert for fraud

24 October 2016By Angela Neale

Surely an alert should be sent whenever anyone downloads their title giving information about who downloaded it.

Gender pay gap action

24 October 2016By Ed Stacey

It is somewhat surprising that the new regime does not require remedial action to close the gaps or impose penalties for non-compliance.

In defence of the hourly rate

17 October 2016By Ronnie Fox

The real opportunity ‘to cement a better client relationship from the start’ is by lawyers using their experience to give accurate estimates of fees.

Long way to go on discrimination

17 October 2016By Emma Dixon

We all have a role to play in creating a world which allows women to make a contribution to the profession on equal terms.

Tick-box justice negates our role

10 October 2016By John Greenwood

Now that criminal advocates appear to be a dying breed, one must relish that moment of surprise when a lost cause is saved.


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