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Stealth tax on defendants

18 July 2016By Malcolm Fowler

It is contrary to natural justice for an additional sanction to be applied over and above each defendant’s just deserts.

JAC selects on merit

18 July 2016

The Judicial Appointments Commission does not use positive discrimination.

Class action

18 July 2016By Sarah Ellis

School governor needed.

Queen will rock you – miles away

18 July 2016By Carl Dyer

Brian May’s action brought bakes memories of noise disturbance… by his band.

Young at heart of Europe after Brexit

11 July 2016By Daniela Raquel Alves Valdez

European Young Bar Association pledges to work alongside colleagues from UK as vote to leave EU prompts ‘disbelief’ at AGM.

Brexit offers new opportunities

11 July 2016By Nicholas Dobson

I confess some difficulty in understanding why so many seem so apocalyptically pessimistic about the vote to leave the EU.