Your letters

Interpreting: language problem

25 April 2016By Malcolm Fowler

In retendering for court interpreter provision, the Ministry of Justice appears intent on foisting inferior services upon us once again.

Tome trauma

25 April 2016By Adrian Dalton

The SRA handbook: what a fabulously useful expenditure of energy.

A-level headed

25 April 2016By Michael Sainsbury

I have to wonder why trainee solicitors have incurred such enormous debt.

Damning verdict

18 April 2016By John Greenwood

Lord Hutchinson is right to vent his spleen about the state of our legal system – governments have shown a lack of respect for the law.

Defence of the defence

18 April 2016By Stephen L Sidkin

Tony Fisher rightly highlighted the need for the debate about independent regulation to take account of our obligation to protect the rights of lawyers to challenge the state, and to protect human rights both in our own country and internationally.

‘Neutral’ SRA

18 April 2016By Christopher Digby-Bell

The SRA seems to think that it is free to make public statements that, if made by the board of a wholly-owned subsidiary, would lead to the board or at least its chair being sacked.