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Keeping clients in the loop

30 March 2015By John Greenwood

Law firms that threaten legal action against clients who have posted adverse comments should first put their own houses in order.

Tax avoidance is a duty

30 March 2015By James Pinder

At last, some sanity has been introduced to the tax evasion/avoidance debate.

Tax: pay your dues

30 March 2015By Suzanne Bryden

It is moral to pay one’s due in taxes to the state and immoral to avoid doing so.

Constitution under scrutiny

30 March 2015By Peter Moran

Congratulations to everyone involved in a high-quality discussion on the future constitution of the UK.

Profile correction

30 March 2015

The current Permanent Representative of Panama to the lnternational Maritime Organisation is Arsenio Dominguez.

Squeezing out claims

23 March 2015By Howard Shelley

Access to justice is becoming a qualified right which is obliged to be set against the contents of the public purse.

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