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Terror threat: principled detachment

26 January 2015By Malcolm Fowler

We must not meekly submit to predictable attempts by those in authority to curtail our rights in response to the Charlie Hebdo atrocity.

Crime reforms: modest proposals

26 January 2015By John Cooper

A modest series of changes will ensure considerable savings for the exchequer.

Religious rights

26 January 2015By David Haley

There have been many cases reported in which allowance for an employee has been ruled necessary to take account of anti-discrimination legislation.

Lawyers in it together

19 January 2015By Adrian Bullock

When you come to vote this year do not forget the public and lawyers who are facing hard times.

Training and self-lawyering

19 January 2015By Rachel Waring

If solicitors’ skills are not being championed to the public will there be an industry left in which to practise?

Fully charged

19 January 2015By Michael Loveridge

Cancellation of charges by mortgage lenders raises serious issues.

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