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Monidipa Fouzder

Cramp in court: solicitors limber up for London Marathon

21 April 2017By

For solicitors running on Sunday, long early-morning and evening runs were par for the 26.2 mile course.

Rachel rothwelluse

Why BTE can never provide all the answers

19 April 2017By

Legal cover is cheap - but poorer people are often left out.


EU agencies post-Brexit

18 April 2017By

Lawyers deal with over 40 EU agencies in the course of their client work.  What will they do post-Brexit?

Sarah smith tildens photo

Justice failing the young

18 April 2017

For serious matters, young people are now more poorly served by the justice system than adults.

John hyde

Don't sneer at solicitors for not publishing prices

13 April 2017By

The SRA wants to know the price of everything - but the law is not a fruit ‘n’ veg stall down the market.


We will remain a people business

11 April 2017By

The ‘made-by-humans’ label will continue to be popular and necessary in the law, whatever artificial intelligence achieves.

You tube

YouTube if you want to

10 April 2017

Taking a case to tribunal is the most effective way to resolve disputes

Robert bourns

Changing course on the SQE

10 April 2017By Robert Bourns

Encouraging people from diverse backgrounds to become solicitors has long been a priority for the Law Society.

Roger Smith

Passing the test on terror

10 April 2017By Roger Smith

Terrorism legislation creates great tension between security and human rights, but we got the balance right.

Max Walters

Hello? Yeah, I'm just appearing in court...

7 April 2017By

The phone call can wait - this is a courtroom after all.

Michael Cross

Family courts: reporting a greater truth

6 April 2017By

A slight loss of secrecy is needed to preserve the credibility of the system. New reporting guidelines should help.


New human rights register launched

3 April 2017By

In April 2015, the president of Belarus gave effect to a law which imposes fines and imprisonment for those who are unemployed.

Rachel rothwelluse

Should hospital receptionists owe a duty to patients?

3 April 2017By

Court of Appeal grapples with potentially far-reaching issue.

Joshua Rozenberg

Transfer window

3 April 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Brexit should shift power from Brussels to Westminster – not Whitehall

brexit consequences

Stumbling in the dark

3 April 2017

Ministers need the goodwill of the UK’s endlessly traduced lawyers

Robert bourns

Working for you

3 April 2017By Robert Bourns

I want your Law Society to be in the best position to promote and support members

John hyde

Late night courts? I didn’t want to see my children anyway

31 March 2017By

Lawyers obviously aren’t working hard enough – let’s get them in court for longer.

Ed donne

Conveyancing fraud judgment should put all firms on red alert

30 March 2017

Indemnity insurers will want to see that firms involved in conveyancing are making adequate checks.

Michael Cross

Sgt Blackman: the shame and the pride

29 March 2017By

A troubling case exposes a troubling gulf in our society.


Brexit: Summoning the collective will

28 March 2017By

In civil and criminal justice, there are clear benefits to maintaining close cooperation with the EU.

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