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John hyde

Will PI lawyers be grateful for small mercies?

23 February 2017By

Liz Truss has made the closure of some firms inevitable, but it could have been worse.


Trump and lawyers

21 February 2017By

The rule of law is being shaken like rarely before in the US – how will the American Bar Association respond?

Joshua Rozenberg

Careless driving licence

20 February 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

No one in government remembers the last time a lord chancellor introduced something as short-sighted as these personal injury reforms.


Integrity and evidence

20 February 2017

Muddling through will have a corrosive effect on justice.

neil sugarman

Getting it right for PI victims

20 February 2017By Neil Sugarman

A review of the cap on criminal injury compensation is long overdue.

Eleanor hassani

Equal outcomes

17 February 2017By Eleanor Hassani

It’s increasingly hard to argue that the low number of women partners in law firms is a ‘legacy’ issue.

Robin Murray

Fighting fee cuts

17 February 2017By Robin Murray

The current attacks upon access to justice and victims of crime are an affront. We must unite and fight to help save the system.

Michael Cross

Open justice: threat is not where you think

16 February 2017By

Courts transparency in the digital new world will require constant vigilance.

Rachel rothwelluse

Spare a thought for the judges

15 February 2017By

Mail moans about moaning judges. But how can we improve the courts environment?


‘Online lawyers’ post-Brexit

13 February 2017By

The march of technology is enabling cross-border electronic legal transactions to become commonplace. We must ensure our systems are up to standard.

Roger Smith

‘The law is above you’

13 February 2017By Roger Smith

In Belhaj the judiciary once again weighed in to hold the executive to account.

Pregnant woman at work

Women lawyers: ditching lazy assumptions

13 February 2017

Women lawyers do not opt out but are, in effect, opted out.

Debra wilson

Price war will fail vulnerable

13 February 2017By Debra Wilson

Solicitors must oppose tendering on price for housing cases.

Max Walters

Lawyers reach their Zen moment

10 February 2017By

Could letting your mind drift away improve performance and concentration?

John hyde

Forensic MPs finally nail insurers over their PI spin

7 February 2017By

The debate over personal injury reforms is filled with rhetoric and self-interest. Today’s committee session was a breath of fresh air.


Brexit: how not to take back control of our laws

6 February 2017By

Will dispute resolution mechanisms post-Brexit be the angels of sovereignty and mercy that the government depicts?

Joshua Rozenberg

Ruling Supreme

6 February 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Our highest court has shown its magisterial mettle, but open questions remain on withdrawal from the EU.

Yes Minister

Access to justice denied – again

6 February 2017

MoJ attempt to spin bad news on employment tribunals was worthy of Yes Minister.

Graeme hydari

Failing the vulnerable

6 February 2017

Autistic people are being let down by our criminal justice system.

Laura Devine

Brexit negotiations and immigration

3 February 2017By Laura Devine

Immigration is central to the government's 12-point plan, which relies on generalities and could weaken Theresa May's negotiating position.

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