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Charting our rights post-Brexit

22 May 2017By

The EU is a union of values, as well as a trade and currency bloc. We must not abandon those values.


Driving test

22 May 2017By

What could the Uber opinion mean for the law and legal services?

Robert bourne 36

Shaping up to help members

22 May 2017By Robert Bourns

How the Law Society is adapting its governance to a changing environment.

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A private function

22 May 2017

Ageing sector needs an injection of new blood

John hyde

Costs budgeting: an invitation to play the system?

19 May 2017By

Kennedys was caught out for submitting an under-estimate, but plenty more do the same.

Theresa May launched the Conservative Manifesto on Thursday

Tories' land data body sounds excellent. But...

19 May 2017By

A cadastral agency is a very non-conservative - indeed Napoleonic - concept.


An ambitious Brexit agenda for lawyers

15 May 2017By

Our practice rights will be critical in Brexit negotiations -  but what about the rights of EU lawyers working here?

Joshua Rozenberg

A parachute that works

15 May 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Brexit poses a huge challenge to our legislative process - lawlessness must be avoided at all costs.


One of our own?

15 May 2017

Neither main party is short of lawyers who could step up

Zach esdaile

A journey less equal

15 May 2017By Zach Esdaile

We are failing children with special educational needs – a fresh approach is needed.

Robert bourne 36

New super-exam must not disadvantage any entrant

15 May 2017By Robert Bourns

The Law Society backs centralised assessment for aspiring solicitors, says president Robert Bourns, but the regulator’s proposals need more work.

Elizabeth Rimmer

Mental health: are you thriving or just surviving?

11 May 2017By Elizabeth Rimmer

We need to understand what it is about the culture and practice of law that can compromise wellbeing.

Rachel rothwelluse

A boost for arbitration funding

10 May 2017By

France has become the latest jurisdiction to approve third-party funding.


Border searches of your electronic devices

8 May 2017By

Lawyers need to be prepared when the authorities demand to search their laptops and mobile phones.

Roger Smith

World weary

8 May 2017By Roger Smith

Is global governance intruding on our liberal democracy, and if so what is to be done?

Compassion in fashion

8 May 2017

Law attracts perfectionists and the price for mistakes is high

Bryan scant

Puzzling exam questions

8 May 2017By Bryan Scant

Junior lawyers believe the super exam could lead to a two-tier profession.

John hyde

Why does it take Paterson for media to see fixed fee folly?

3 May 2017By

Thousands of people face injustice if costs are set prohibitively low: it’s a shame the papers haven’t noticed until now.


A win for lawyers in Strasbourg

2 May 2017By

A German criminal lawyer has won a great victory for lawyer-client confidentiality in the ECtHR.

Joshua Rozenberg

Patience and patents

1 May 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Will we be members of the Unified Patent Court after Brexit?

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