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Max Walters

Rail strikes and fat cats

23 March 2017By

Supporters of limits to rights to strike were in a minority at legal debate.

John hyde

Sprawling Prisons and Courts Bill is an indigestible mess

21 March 2017By

No wonder MPs can’t properly scrutinise this key bill – there’s just too much to take in.


Whistleblowing and lawyers

20 March 2017By

A European Commission consultation on whistleblower protection raises important questions of legal professional privilege.

Joshua Rozenberg

Beefing up the bench

20 March 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Intellect trumps all – standards must not fall as the judiciary addresses its recruitment ‘crisis’.


Sorry is the hardest word

20 March 2017

Katie Hopkins’ libel defeat highlights the dangers of Twitter

Robert bourns

A welcome retreat on bad law

20 March 2017

Vulnerable children must always be able to access the help they need.

Paul rogerson

Dead in a decade? The collapse of our local press undermines the rule of law

17 March 2017By

The plight of local newspapers epitomises our diminished civil society - who will hold the parish panjandrums to account?

Rachel rothwelluse

Some hints on fixed costs

16 March 2017By

Lord Justice Jackson suggests different thresholds may apply for different types of case.

Mbh main pic

Mediation, costs and proportionality

14 March 2017By Mary Banham-Hall

Mediation is grounded in the psychology of conflict and its resolution and should be an automatic integrated stage in the litigation process.


Lawyers and the assault on truth

13 March 2017By

The part played by lawyers in long-trusted methods of arriving at the truth needs to be publicly reinforced in a convention.

Roger Smith

Notes on a scandal

13 March 2017By Roger Smith

Solicitors can learn valuable lessons from the Phil Shiner affair.

Sterling coins

Third-party time

13 March 2017

Influence of funders on the litigation landscape is only set to grow stronger.

Hudson cut

Legal education: success by degrees

13 March 2017By Helen Hudson

Don’t be misled – employers continue to set great store by a top law degree.

Susan Monty

Returning to work and running a practice

10 March 2017By Susan Monty

You've taken time out to have children. How do you ensure that you can be a success upon returning to the law?

Peter noyce

The budget and you: law firms and tax

9 March 2017By Peter Noyce

How the last spring budget will affect solicitors.

John hyde

SRA and transparency: 'do as we say, not as we do'

9 March 2017By

The regulator is vulnerable to accusations of hypocrisy after shutting out the public and journalists.

Monidipa Fouzder

Families dealing with a ‘guilty’ verdict

8 March 2017By

There is no official data on how many families have had to sell their homes to repay legal aid.


International Women’s Day

8 March 2017By Suzanne Gill

I want to see a profession where the contributions of all lawyers are valued equally.


A legal lacuna in hard Brexit

7 March 2017By

Even ‘Pitchfork’ Theresa wants more cooperation with the EU on criminal justice – and Brussels is busy.

Rb big ben

Maintaining access to justice in environmental cases

6 March 2017

Removing the costs cap will make it harder for most people to challenge public bodies in the courts, writes shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon.

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