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Joshua Rozenberg

Spying in bulk

20 November 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

A case that could reset the balance between security and personal privacy was heard in Strasbourg this month.

Students sitting exam

Super-exam: more to do

20 November 2017

Does the work experience requirement of SQE set the bar too low?

Amanda hamilton

Unqualified success

20 November 2017By Amanda Hamilton

It is in the profession’s best interests to properly recognise the value of paralegals.

Michael Cross byline

Robots will be biased: live with it

17 November 2017By

Calls for strict regulation of artificial intelligence algorithms are at best premature.

David Barton byline

Locke Lord: a lesson in deterrence

16 November 2017By David Barton

Record-setting judgment provides a valuable insight into the agreed outcome procedure.

James ward hi res

Wet signatures protect against fraud and abuse

15 November 2017By James Ward

Let’s make lasting powers of attorney easier - but we must be mindful of the risks involved.

Emily Lui

Goodwill agreements: appealing in principle but unworkable in reality

14 November 2017By Emily Lui

Government could face financial backlash if proposed principle is too binding in practice.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Professional secrecy at the crossroads

13 November 2017By

Will the Paradise Papers force a recalibration of privilege to meet modern expectations?


Avoidance strategies

13 November 2017

Some law firms will steer clients away from aggressive tax planning.

Jane Flaherty

Mind the pay gap

13 November 2017By Jane Flaherty

As we mark Equal Pay Day, more needs to be done to achieve gender equality in the legal workplace.

Rachel Rothwell landscape

A rule that remains an enigma

13 November 2017By

BNM was a missed opportunity to provide much-needed clarity on proportionate costs.

Monidipa Fouzder

Should the SRA care if a solicitor has sex with a client?

10 November 2017By

The regulator can't be expected to peep inside bedrooms, or can it?

Esther 580x326.jpg

Why should law firms get away with unequal pay?

10 November 2017By Esther Martin

LLPs should not be excluded from requirements of gender pay gap regulations.

William henry kersey

Passchendaele's toll on the profession

10 November 2017

Firm marks centenary of death of founder’s son - one of many.

Helena Milner-Smith

National pro bono week: defending our children

8 November 2017By Helena Milner-Smith

Pro bono support for child defence can help start them on a new journey.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Browders in arms

6 November 2017By

Bill and Joshua Browder - the parent-child combination that changed the law without being lawyers.

Joshua Rozenberg

Courts are failing children

6 November 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Sir James Munby is using his final months as family court president to urge radical reform of justice for under-18s.


Class in the background

6 November 2017

Without layering in data on life advantage, diversity reporting is of limited use.

Martin barnes

More than a public good

6 November 2017By Martin Barnes

Pro bono does not exist in a vacuum – it needs the support of a changing profession.

Lord Paddick

Whistleblowing: Harder but more crucial than ever

3 November 2017By Lord Paddick

A culture of hostility towards whistleblowing and self-accountability will create a system with no public trust and confidence.

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