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Paul rogerson

Judicial independence: media circus moves on

24 January 2017By

Pro-Brexit tabloids renew their assault on legal ‘elite’ – but this time it feels tokenistic.


Legal services at forefront of Global Britain

23 January 2017By Elizabeth Truss

I am working to ensure our legal services sector remains an economic powerhouse when we leave the European Union, writes lord chancellor Elizabeth Truss.

Joshua Rozenberg

Detention dilemma

23 January 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Ministers will be worried by last week’s Supreme Court judgments in claims against the MoD. But it could have been worse.


Turkey and the rule of law

23 January 2017

Erdogan wants his control of the legal system built into the very architecture of the state.

Paul catley

‘Super-exam’ is an article of blind faith

23 January 2017By Paul Catley

A new ‘super-exam’ is designed to open up the profession, but there is no evidence it will.


Justice cooperation and Brexit

23 January 2017By

It is good to see cooperation in criminal justice on the prime minister's Brexit agenda, but it is in our interests that this includes civil justice too.

Paul rogerson

A lecture from HSBC on the rule of law? That’s a tough sell

19 January 2017By

The Bingham Centre’s high-rolling GC network is well-intentioned, but it has an image problem.

Rachel rothwelluse

Big questions on fixed costs for civil litigators

18 January 2017By

Lawyers must accept the fixed fees concept and focus their energy on assisting the costs review – it could help them stay in business.


Europe and regulating lawyers

16 January 2017By

Whether we leave the Single Market or not, the direction of travel on lawyer regulation is the same.

Roger Smith

Changing offices

16 January 2017By Roger Smith

Brexit is not the only constitutional issue of our time – the roles of attorney general and lord chancellor must be addressed.

Kw mnew

Elite law firms play for high stakes

16 January 2017

No firm is too big to fail in this highly competitive space.

Robert bourns

Modernising Chancery Lane

16 January 2017By Robert Bourns

The next phase of the Law Society review will focus on Council.


These PI reforms ignore the most vulnerable road users

13 January 2017By Ed Fletcher

All the attention is on potential fraud caused by car drivers – where is the much-needed protection for those on two wheels?

Carol day

Environmental costs rules under attack

11 January 2017By Carol Day

The ability to bring environmental cases is an essential ingredient of any democratic society. Efforts to undermine this offend the rule of law.

Peter noyce

Business and tax planning – new year resolutions for your practice

11 January 2017By Peter Noyce

The proactive steps law firms can take this year.

Michael Cross

Why lawyers should oppose press coercion by costs

10 January 2017By

For better or worse, journalists do not belong among the regulated professions.


EU champions rule of law

9 January 2017By

The European Commission's response to the deterioration of the rule of law in Poland is an attempt to protect us all.

Joshua Rozenberg

Bench warmers

9 January 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

This year heralds a changing of the guard among the senior judiciary. Who’s on the way up?


Brexit and trade: common interests

9 January 2017

Can this confederation of 52 nations offer some kind of substitute for the EU?

Matt meyer

Lawyers: what you need to do in 2017

9 January 2017By Matt Meyer

Law firms of all sizes must embrace technology, reinvestment and new ways of working.

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