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Jonathan Goldsmith

Our future in the information age

23 April 2018By

EU data-sharing sounds like a dry subject but it goes to the heart of law enforcement and human rights.

Joshua rozenberg

Degraded in a decade

23 April 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

How can we restore the UK’s reputation as a world-leader in forensic science?

Amber rudd

Hostile takeover

23 April 2018

Windrush debacle highlights dysfunctional immigration system.

Lucie Clinch

Who’s in control?

23 April 2018By Lucie Clinch

Driverless vehicles will give rise to intriguing liability disputes.

Michael Cross byline

Useless meeting? Just walk out

20 April 2018By

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk's approach to productivity may be worth emulating.

Sherma Polidore

Family courts can deter people threatened with being outed

19 April 2018By Sherma Polidore

Following celebrity revelations of HIV status, a solicitor relates her experience of representing a client who successfully applied for a non-molestation order.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Trump turns spotlight on attorney-client privilege

16 April 2018By

Should the Trump-Cohen case on attorney-client privilege be an opportunity to speak out and explain the doctrine?

Rachel Rothwell

Damage limitation

16 April 2018By

The 100% success fee model is still popular for low-value PI work – but judges need to be convinced.

Financial report and calculator

Qualified successes

16 April 2018

Managing partners need to beware.

Ian Davies

Plenty to play for on whiplash

16 April 2018By Ian Davies

Civil Liability Bill is likely to prove fertile ground for test litigation.

Ministry of Justice – Goldberg

Join us at a Vigil for Justice

15 April 2018By Sue James, Matt Foot

There is no area of the justice system that is not broken.

Judge online

Judges on Twitter? It's just what the system needs

13 April 2018By

We have a legal education vacuum in this country. Let judges free on social media to fill it.

Ben Keith

Where are human rights in the UAE?

13 April 2018By Ben Keith

Human rights in states that the UK cooperates with are often ignored or glossed over and none more so than the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Jonathan Goldsmith

The other side of GREAT

11 April 2018By

Who suffers if we continue to lead globally on dispute resolution post-Brexit?

Joshua Rozenberg

For better or worse

9 April 2018By Joshua Rozenberg

It is not for the courts to make policy on widows’ benefits.

London city women

Pay expectations gap

9 April 2018

Omitting partners on the grounds that they are owners was always going to look bad.

Ben Power

Embrace neurodiversity

9 April 2018By Ben Power

Legal employers that foster a more neurodiverse workforce will reap real benefits.

Simon Bowdler, captain, Law Society Golf Club

Want to get a round? Join the club

5 April 2018By Simon Bowdler

The Law Society Golf Club welcomes new faces for a busy fixture list - and social life.


International concern over Turkey

5 April 2018

An open letter from five associations of lawyers to the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Deepcut baracks

Deepcut: a cry for change

5 April 2018By Rhicha Kapila

Rhicha Kapila addresses the abuse and reporting culture at Deepcut barracks.

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