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Dr loretta trickett

Prosecuting hate crime

2 September 2015By Dr Loretta Trickett

Those on the frontline must be given adequate training to improve the national response to hate crime.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Asylum: the new trial by ordeal

1 September 2015By

Europe’s leaders have collectively returned us to the barbarous legal past.

Monidipa Fouzder

What’s app, lawyer?

28 August 2015By

Let’s have some sympathy for lawyers who are technology ‘dinosaurs’.


Arrested 17-year-olds need a fairer deal

27 August 2015By Curtis Brown

The forthcoming Policing and Criminal Justice Bill should reform outdated procedures and help children in police custody. 


Divided we fall

26 August 2015By Matthew Richardson

The family bar’s complaints about solicitor-advocates are misdirected. And where’s the evidence?

Rachel rothwell

Success fees: a word of warning

25 August 2015By

A new ruling highlights the danger of standard fee levels.

Jonathan Goldsmith

European lawyers in history

24 August 2015By

Two very different lawyers from recent history were involved in struggles which we recognise today.

Monidipa Fouzder

Legal aid action suspension

21 August 2015By

Practitioner groups may have suspended their legal aid boycott, but this ‘goodwill gesture’ should not be mistaken for defeat.

Catherine Dixon

Costs and clinical negligence

21 August 2015By Catherine Dixon

Catherine Dixon, chief executive of the Law Society, considers the Department of Health’s proposal to fix costs in clinical negligence.

Peter Noyce

Summer of content for solicitors?

19 August 2015By Peter Noyce

With another tax deadline behind us, the legal sector is generally a happy place.

David Pickup

Complaints handling

18 August 2015By David Pickup

The compaints-handling system is still stacked in favour of the unreasonable client.

Monidipa Fouzder

Powerful case for women in the City

18 August 2015Updated: 19 August 2015By

High-achieving female lawyers in the City should be lauded, but they’re still too rare.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Professional secrecy in jeopardy

17 August 2015

The right of clients to consult their lawyers privately is under unprecedented attack.

Michael Cross

A corner of the City that will always be EU

14 August 2015By

Surprisingly, the UK is quietly getting on with its contribution to the EU's Unified Patent Court. 

Gazette reporter John Hyde

'No, Mr Lawyer, we expected you to die'

13 August 2015By

Claimant lawyers have found a way to survive, and insurers are miffed.

Rachel rothwell

Court fees discouraging settlement

11 August 2015By , Law Society Civil Litigation Committee

Defendants testing claimants’ resolve in lower value claims.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Where is Li Heping?

10 August 2015By

Brave Chinese lawyers are trying to find a detained colleague. 

Monidipa Fouzder

SRA principles dilemma

7 August 2015By

Criminal legal aid solicitors are at risk of breaching regulatory requirements whatever they do.

David Pickup

Diversity data and small firms

7 August 2015By David Pickup

I agree with efforts to boost inclusion in the law. But do they work for small firms?


Does the gavel mistake really matter?

4 August 2015By

Of course it’s inaccurate. But if a gavel image boosts interest in legal matters, where’s the harm?

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