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Sue Bramall

Innovation in legal services - crowdfunding

31 July 2015By Sue Bramall

Crowdfunding platforms are helping to bridge the gap in public interest law.

Portrait of Chloe Smith

Can big data really pick out the best lawyers?

30 July 2015By

The use of analytics and big data may transform the way lawyers are instructed, but it’s not perfect.

David Pickup

PII renewal: scattergun or ‘sniper’?

29 July 2015By David Pickup

There must be a simpler way of completing the indemnity renewal process.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Regulating the unregulated

27 July 2015By

A US case involving dentists has refocused attention on that vexed question: how do we police unregulated providers?

Jonathan Goldsmith

Help in an emergency

27 July 2015By

Lawyers should not ignore the immigration crisis – it demands an EU-wide response.

Royal mail

Commodifying the courts

27 July 2015

There is no reason to suppose that anything is off limits for privitisation after MoJ hikes court fees again.

Jonathan Smithers

Real change on human rights

27 July 2015By Jonathan Smithers

The Law Society is doing pioneering work on business and human rights.

Monidipa Fouzder

Courting unpopularity

24 July 2015By

The government must not be too dismissive in its responses to consultations.

Rachel rothwell

Gove’s ultimate weapon

20 July 2015By

How the justice secretary could force through the legal aid levy.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Rating lawyers online

20 July 2015By

Web platforms allowing clients to review legal services raise difficult issues. How should they work?

Joshua Rozenberg

Abuse inquiry: breaking with tradition

20 July 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

Much is expected from the largest and most ambitious public inquiry ever established.

Houses of Parliament

No panacea on regulation

20 July 2015

A consensus is lacking on reform, the lord chancellor will discover.

Abdulali Jiwaji

London must build on its lead

20 July 2015By Abdulali Jiwaji

The new Financial List is a fillip for the capital but the initiative could go further.

Greg Barns

Australia’s veil of secrecy

17 July 2015By Greg Barns

The effect of the Border Force Act is to throw a veil of secrecy over what is happening in Australia’s immigration detention system.

Michael Cross

Taking Iran seriously

16 July 2015By

The end of sanctions creates big opportunities for law firms with local knowledge. 

Gazette reporter John Hyde

Crisis in confidence? Start by showing lawyers respect

14 July 2015By

Mandatory pro bono is not the answer. Rewarding and praising highly qualified lawyers might just be.

Roger Smith

Power and accountability

13 July 2015By Roger Smith

What a shame Theresa May did not see a new play highlighting the thesis that ‘parliamentary democracy trumps all’.

Lawyer scared by IT

In with the IT crowd

13 July 2015

Lawyers tend to be people with arts and social sciences degrees.

Jodie Blackstock

Thinking outside the box

13 July 2015By Jodie Blackstock

Putting a defendant in a dock risks infringing the presumption of innocence.

Jonathan Goldsmith

ISDS – a lawyers’ issue

10 July 2015By

More lawyers should join the debate over issues surrounding the EU-US trade agreement. Our reputation is at stake.

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