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Jonathan Goldsmith

Shielded from data protection fallout

23 October 2017By

An equivalent of the EU-US Privacy Shield needs to be shaped before Brexit.

Judge back headshot

Behaving on the bench

23 October 2017

Court business should be conducted in a professional manner.

James perry

Back to square one on costs?

23 October 2017By James Perry

Jackson LJ’s latest proposals could actually increase the time courts spend on costs.

Michael Cross byline

Creativity can't be commanded

20 October 2017By

Nurturing the lawtech innovation revolution is a good idea - just don't try to predict the outcome.


Lawyer independence, EU-style

16 October 2017By

The extent of lawyer independence varies on state interpretation, but without plurality there will be no progress.

Theresa May

Truth in numbers race

16 October 2017

The data is telling us we can and must do better.

Brett dixon

Myths and misconceptions

16 October 2017By Brett Dixon

Public education is vital in protecting the right to redress for needless harm.

Joshua Rozenberg

Sir Edward Heath: When duty doesn't call

16 October 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

It is not the role of the police to tell alleged victims what they want to hear.

John Hyde byline

Bullying advocates is not a judicial prerogative

14 October 2017By

Familiar accusations will be levelled against those who dare to complain of judges’ behaviour. But they’re not snowflakes.

Monidipa Fouzder

Public legal education: opening doors

13 October 2017By

We can help educate the public about our justice system in simple ways -  like taking part in a historical murder trial.

Jonathan Goldsmith

The new Chinese silk route

9 October 2017By

China’s new Belt and Road association for lawyers aims to share knowledge with legal organisations across the globe. But where does the rule of law fit in?

Rachel rothwelluse

Civil question in need of an answer

9 October 2017By

As ministers ponder Lord Justice Jackson’s latest report, there are fears big business could neatly sidestep a new fixed costs regime.

david anderson

In a corner of a foreign field

9 October 2017By David Anderson

With Brexit stakes raised, English law foreign courts are coming soon.

noel conway

Passing the buck back

9 October 2017

Parliament prefers the long grass for the topic of assisted suicide.

John hyde

Let the market - not the SRA - force price transparency

6 October 2017By

The best firms are already being innovative – so why take away their competitive advantage?

Michael Cross

Tories should be the natural party of justice

4 October 2017By

Through serial incompetence, the Conservatives have allowed the left to set the rule-of-law agenda.


Staying out in front

3 October 2017By

A new campaign to safeguard the UK’s status as global legal centre is welcome - but we must keep our continental colleagues onside.

Mantouvalou sq 02

Human rights can’t be conditional on a work permit

2 October 2017By Virginia Mantouvalou

Virginia Mantouvalou highlights plight of undocumented migrants - whose unenviable status is a byproduct of our dysfunctional immigration and employment laws.

Joshua Rozenberg

Open justice for judges

2 October 2017By Joshua Rozenberg

Disciplinary proceedings involving the judiciary must be timely and transparent.

Mental health copy

Action on mental health

2 October 2017

To retain people firms must pay attention to their wellbeing.

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