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Rachel rothwell

Are fixed costs about to move beyond PI?

26 May 2015By

Momentum is building for fixed costs outside personal injury. Get ready.

Monidipa Fouzder

Relieving the tension in-house

22 May 2015By

A new report exposes the frustrations that arise in dealings between in-house lawyers and corporate executives.


Freshfields move could start London exodus

21 May 2015By

Northern powerhouses such as Leeds and Manchester are increasingly attractive to graduates. London should beware.

Jonathan Goldsmith

International trade lawyers accused

21 May 2015By

Two recent reports have put large firms in the spotlight over real or perceived conflicts of interest. Will they rebut the claims?

Paul Rogerson

Sales are for vanity, profits for sanity

20 May 2015By

Crude revenue numbers don’t tell us much about a law firm’s performance.

London Stock Exchange

Lawyers and listing

18 May 2015By Peter Noyce

As the first UK law firm flotation looms, what hard lessons can legal consolidators learn from accountants? 

Joshua Rozenberg

Cabinet post like no other

18 May 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

Will Michael Gove respect the principles lawyers stand for?

Financial Conduct Authority

Financial fair play?

18 May 2015

It seems reasonable to expect bankers to meet the same regulatory standard as solicitors.

Alastair Logan

Junk science threat to justice

18 May 2015By Alastair Logan OBE

Diluting the quality of forensic evidence will have grievous results.


Jackson’s escape route comes at a heavy cost

14 May 2015By

Costs management reforms are far from perfect, but watering them down is surely the worst solution.

Michael Cross

Let’s welcome Dominic Raab

13 May 2015By

‘What rights would you abolish?’ is no longer good enough for challenging the government. 

Rachel rothwell

Courts confused on CFAs

11 May 2015By

Errors in conditional fee agreements have been met with a conflicting approach from the courts.

Roger Smith

‘War on terror’ – taking responsibility

11 May 2015By Roger Smith

The UK is lagging behind the US in dealing with unfinished business from the ‘war on terror’.

Phone and computer

Open access conundrum

11 May 2015

Lawyers are not luddites, but technology is only a partial solution.


Join us on a virtual journey

11 May 2015By Jeff Twentyman

The Legal Sustainability Alliance is addressing a seemingly intractable problem – business travel.

Michael Cross

Solicitors and the spirit of VE Day

7 May 2015By

For the profession, VE Day marked one step on the return to normality.

Monidipa Fouzder

Nurturing in-house lawyers

7 May 2015By

Offering training contracts may be risky – but worth it. 

Chloe Smith

Law should protect, not curtail, freedom of speech

6 May 2015By

Society of Asian Lawyers hosts lively debate on right to cause religious offence.  

Jo Shaw

The only way is ethics

6 May 2015By Jo Shaw

How can the practice of mindfulness help lawyers in their day-to-day work?

Joshua Rozenberg

A constitutional imbroglio

4 May 2015By Joshua Rozenberg

With another hung parliament likely, we may have to wait a while for any new laws.

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