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Worboys: searching questions

15 January 2018By Malcolm Fowler

For the Parole Board to have its vital independence of decision-making diluted would be bad news for our handling of offender rehabilitation.

Breaking point

15 January 2018By Richard Male

I am sure that John Greenwood (Gazette, 20 November) is by no means the only solicitor to have suffered at the hands of a disappointed opponent.

Stay lucky

15 January 2018By John Greenwood

A dignitary interviewed on the radio the other day was asked what had been the most important factor in his life – the answer was luck. Looking back on a long legal career, I realise how vital this was.


​Spectre of discrimination

8 January 2018By Graham Hunsley

Legal aid quango seems to have decided that some sections of the profession, although qualified, cannot undertake work in criminal law


Land consent problem solved

8 January 2018By Barry Borman

I had a similar query to R.M. Napier (‘Land consent conundrum’, letters, 4 December) in ascertaining how to approach a covenant restrictive of the user of a property that I was purchasing for a client.I accordingly searched online for ‘release of restrictive covenant HMLR’ and, lo and behold, a Land ...

​Court is no laughing matter

8 January 2018By John Greenwood

While it is always dangerous to underestimate how seriously a court may view your case, it can be equally risky to make a joke, however well-intentioned.

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