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Helping to identify fraud

20 February 2017By Martin McCabe

Land Registry could add another tier to its database and sellers’ solicitors must accept they owe a duty of care to the other side.

Public and private register?

20 February 2017By Julian Field

This would be time-consuming and expensive – but it might be cheaper than compensation payouts.

Off the wall questions

20 February 2017By Greg Smith

I kid you not.

Family court farce

20 February 2017By DR Sheridan

It is a sad state of affairs when inappropriate procedures are enforced which serve no purpose.

My memories of the early days

20 February 2017By Lalage L Swinburne

I have never forgotten the words of encouragement from a senior lawyer.

Starring role for solicitors

20 February 2017By David Pickup

In most courtroom dramas the solicitors are invisible – not so in Apple Tree Yard.

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