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A private function

20 November 2017By Richard Edwards

To deny the seriously injured the right to choose private treatment would grossly undermine the most important aim of compensation


​Courts not fit for purpose

20 November 2017By Ian Godfrey

System is grinding to a halt.


​Blame game

20 November 2017By John Greenwood

I suppose it rarely crosses the minds of property or commercial lawyers that they may create enmities sufficient to provoke violence. For criminal lawyers, there is the reassurance that they are on the side of those who might harbour and carry out violent acts.


​Flexible hours can’t always work

13 November 2017By Dr Julian Critchlow

Proposals to increase the diversity of the profession are sometimes incompatible with the day-to-day realities of legal practice


​Who speaks for me?

13 November 2017By Craig Ward

Diversity is obviously commendable, but what about the working-class white male?


​In good health

13 November 2017By Rebecca Robinson

Firms taking the lead with increasing mental health awareness.

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