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​Me, too

23 April 2018

Your article on sexual harassment gave me much comfort, but it is heartbreaking to read that such behaviour is so common in 2018


Over-packaged LPAs

23 April 2018

I read with interest Philip Evans’ 16 April letter (‘A better way for an LPA’). He suggested a single-page certificate similar to a grant of probate as proof of a lasting power of attorney, to avoid the lengthy work involved in certifying current powers.


Windrush compensation

23 April 2018

The targeting and detaining of undocumented Caribbean migrants who (it must be not be forgotten) were invited to work in the UK, and have been living, working, raising families, paying taxes and collecting pensions since the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush in 1948, is grossly unconscionable, divisive and utterly disgraceful.


Jackson reform conundrum

16 April 2018By Mike Williams

Much heartache could have been avoided in the reform of civil justice had more notice been taken of our experience of everyday logjams.


A better way for an LPA

16 April 2018By Philip Evans

A propsal for changes to the LPA rules.


No charter for burglars

16 April 2018By Malcolm Fowler

One Gazette reader says 'it is impossible to improve upon the long-established application of the law of self-defence.'

Aon Risk Solutions

Get ready for GDPR - 25 May

The clock is ticking...

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