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Co-op alliance is unacceptable

6 July 2015

We will sever all ties with Will Aid following its decision to ‘team up’ with – and effectively advertise – Co-operative Legal Services

Supplier capture

6 July 2015

It was all too familiar and depressing to read Grania Langdon-Down’s article on becoming a judge (22 June). Her interviewees made no mention of selecting the best candidates for the job to serve the public, or the need for the best judges to do the best job for our people.  Instead there was only the usual multiculturalist nonsense about diversity and tokenism – regardless of merit. 

​No love lost

6 July 2015By Christopher Digby-Bell

It is a strange way to run a country. The elected government short-changes the justice system and while admitting that damage and hardship may result, it calls on those working in the system to give their services pro bono to cover the shortfall.

​Chilcot chase

6 July 2015

Should not the government order Sir John Chilcot to file his report within 14 days, endorse the order with a penal notice and further direct that his report should be limited to 350 pages? Paul Walters Astle Paterson, Burton upon Trent    

Talent management and the law

29 June 2015By Gifty Edila

A policy of ‘poshness’ excludes real talent. Firms that support diversity initiatives are best placed to get the best people.

Lawyers making a stand

29 June 2015By Ian Godfrey

If solicitors and barristers cannot stand up for vulnerable people, who will?


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