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Dragged through the mud

19 February 2018By Jonathan Pearl

Sexual harassment must be stopped, but allegations are sometimes made up and ‘naming and shaming’ is not necessarily the solution.


Justice needs protecting

19 February 2018By Stuart Wild

The appointment of yet another lord chancellor is indicative of the low regard in which the present administration holds the role of justice secretary.


Branch finder

19 February 2018By Angela Jackson

In reponse to Kate Neil’s article on banking for lawyers, Angela Jackson finds that ‘the credit controller who knew his customers’ is alive and well.


Hidden abuse of power

12 February 2018

With bullying rife at the highest level, the partnership structure needs an overhaul; until then the profession is unfit for purpose


Full disclosure – at last?

12 February 2018By John Greenwood

Criminal lawyers will have been horrified by the revelations about non-disclosure of evidence helpful to the defence.


When bail plea stalled

12 February 2018By Trevor F Moore

I noticed with interest a Gazette piece on the perils of deploying humour in court. I once represented a somewhat obnoxious client in the local magistrates’ court.

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