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Tax hike trade-off?

5 December 2016By Martyn Brown

The only beneficiaries of the increase in IPT will be the insurance companies who happen to make hefty donations to the Tories.

Liz Truss – unwelcome visit

5 December 2016By Dr Stephen Pacey

I am astonished that any law firm would wish to invite this lord chancellor to their premises.

Wild goose chase on tax

5 December 2016By Barry Borman

There are pitfalls in endeavouring to negotiate the minutiae of the SDLT regime – and I know from experience.

Unjust Gove

5 December 2016By Alasdair Darroch

Does the former lord chancellor think it is just to tell a defendant that he cannot place his case in the hands of an advocate of his choice?

Car crash

PI: putting a premium on ethics

28 November 2016By Howard Shelley

Insurance companies need to tackle fraudulent claims more robustly and handle reasonable claims in person with more sensitivity.

Conveyancing: chain reaction

28 November 2016By Sean Crean

We have enough to do without creating more unnecessary work.

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