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trans protest london

Fighting for trans rights

4 December 2017By Rachel Reese

The transphobic agenda of many in the media is impeding our attempts to raise awareness and gain basic rights for the trans community.


Technology is no silver bullet

4 December 2017By Malcolm Fowler

Technology was, is and must always remain a tool leading to effective and better delivery of justice, rather than some panacea.

Land Registry in Croydon

Land consent conundrum

4 December 2017By R M Napier

Registry response to question of neighbouring owner’s consent to restricted land is unhelpful.


​Power in the Union

27 November 2017By Mark Watson

International organisations are important conduits for the exchange of knowledge – your letters to the editor of the Gazette


Cocktail of muddle and delay

27 November 2017By Richard Atkins

Having practised in residential conveyancing for most of my working life, I was recently reminded of just how bad things have become.


Righting wrongs

27 November 2017By Jennie Kreser

Your 12 November article on bullying in the courtroom is a timely reminder of certain practices that have absolutely no place in our judicial system. But may I raise just one note of caution.

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