Welcome to The Probate Locum – a virtual probate service.

The Service - a practical, flexible and efficient locum solution for busy practitioners, perfect for short-term, ad hoc or urgent assistance without ratcheting up costs and with no immediate outlay. The payment of professional fees can be deferred to the completion of the assignment (by arrangement).

The Service Provider - I am a senior solicitor (admitted 1985) and TEP (full STEP membership) with extensive experience of private client work, particularly with an international or cross-border element. I am available to act on-demand, at short notice as a locum working remotely on a fixed fee, hourly rate or fee sharing basis. I am happy to discuss and negotiate fees on a case-by-case or individual project basis.

Key Point Summary: the service is fast, flexible and funds itself.

  • Affordable and economical on-demand service
  • Easy to implement – flexible, draw-down as required
  • Fast deployment of high value, measurable results
  • Ad hoc, project-based fees – no unwieldy overheads

Standard Estate Administration Services

This service includes reviewing and verifying data, information and instructions, agreeing scope of work and executing key steps to be taken, typically:

  • Completion of HM Revenue & Customs Return of Estate Information forms (IHT205, IHT 207, IHT217, IHT400 (as required)
  • Preparing the grant application for Executors / Administrators
  • Submission of the Probate / Letters of Administration application
  • Dealing with any queries raised by the Probate Court
  • Obtaining the grant
  • Reporting to you and liaison throughout

Full Estate Administration Service

This expands on the standard service

  • Placing all statutory adverts/arranging early distribution insurance (if required)
  • Income tax return and capital gains tax return, where required
  • All correspondence with HMRC
  • Dealing with corrective action required by HMRC during the administration
  • Preparing estate accounts
  • Additional services can be bolted-on as required.

Bespoke Services

Troubleshooting problem files, second opinions, urgent assistance. I am happy to discuss, without obligation, the feasibility, viability and commercial reality of any case or matter before you engage me.

Mark Nierada
Solicitor & TEP.

Head Office
7 Bell Yard

Telephone: 020 8123 7023
Email: locum@marknierada.com
Web: www.marknierada.com/probate-locum