Registered Charity No:1066869 (England & Wales).

African Children’s Educational Trust (A-CET) is changing lives and giving hope through educational support to needy young Africans. We are run by dedicated, experienced professional volunteers in UK. Our aim is to alleviate the poverty of vulnerable African children, generally orphans and/or disabled - through long-term self sustaining educational initiatives. Those we help would probably be otherwise denied access to full-time education. Africans see education as their way forward and are totally motivated to learn. All our students are locally selected and dedicated, intelligent and hard working.

A-CET has few overheads, no fund raising or professional consultancy fees with 92% of your donations going directly to our children, their carers or our rural elementary school upgrading projects. All our work is coordinated through local government and communities, and selected through well-established local protocols. Projects are community-led and executed and managed and implemented through our partner NGO Ethiopian Youth Educational Support (EYES) - which is staffed by ex-A-CET students.

Our intimate knowledge and practical working experience in Africa since 1964 has given us a total belief and dedication in what we are doing and drives our work forward. Direct targeted support at community-level has terrific impact and the capacity to literally change lives. A-CET’s programmes, principally in Ethiopia, are now giving thousands of youngsters hope through improved access to better education. A-CET is effective, efficient and transparent.

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