Registered Charity No: 209642 (England & Wales).

A UK charity helping millions of animals across the world through research.

The Animal Health Trust exists to fight disease and injury in animals. Thanks to our pioneering work improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention, horses, dogs and cats are living healthier, happier lives – in the UK and across the world.

Everything we do has the health and welfare of animals at its heart. Our vision is a world in which no dog, cat or horse suffers from disease or injury. We strive to achieve this by developing new knowledge and techniques for the better diagnosis, prevention and cure of disease and injury through research.

As the UK’s leading veterinary and scientific research charity dedicated to the health and welfare of animals, we are passionate about dogs, cats and horses and exist to make life better for generations of animals.

Why is the AHT important?

Every penny of profit made from treating sick and injured animals in our referral clinics, or diagnosing diseases through our diagnostic services, is re-invested into lifesaving research. Nearly all dogs, cats and horses in the UK will have benefited from our work – that includes your pets and those of your family and friends.

Why does the AHT need my help?

As a charity we do not receive any government funding and rely on donations from the public to carry out our vital work. We cannot continue to help animals – now and in the future - without the support of people like you. With your help we can create a better future for our much-loved companions.