Registered Charity No: 292569 (England & Wales).

Managing Arthritis - Naturally.

With an estimated 10 million arthritis sufferers in the UK, many people have some experience of the pain, discomfort and mobility problems that accompany arthritis- whether directly or through a close friend or relative. Including a gift in your Will to Arthritis Action could allow you to support a cause close to your heart.

Arthritis Action funds and participates in research by universities into various aspects of arthritis and its impact on lifestyle. Your gifts and legacies allow us to continue to invest in this valuable research.

We are dedicated to supporting people with arthritis to manage their condition naturally so that they can enjoy a more active life with less pain and more freedom of movement for years to come. We are the only UK based charity to have developed a self-help programme which provides direct support through a healthy eating plan and a course of physical therapy.

We receive no money from the government and rely on the money that you provide through gifts and legacies. Remembering Arthritis Action in your Will would be greatly appreciated and will allow us to provide the best possible support to people suffering with arthritis - both now and in the future.

Thank you.