Registered Charity No: 232759 (England & Wales).

At Bible Society we believe the Bible can be a catalyst for change for good around the world. But just one in eight languages has the full Bible. So we’re on a global mission to ensure that future generations everywhere have access to the Bible.

Working across Africa, China and the Middle East - in places where Christianity is growing fastest - we’re translating, distributing and helping people to relate and make sense of the Bible. And we’re advocating for its place in society so that its wisdom, inspiration and relevance are not lost.

Here at home, where the Bible is readily available but rarely read, we’re introducing a new generation to the life changing stories it contains and helping people engage with it better so that the Bible will continue to shape our communities.

We were founded over 200 years ago by a passionate group of people who believed God’s word should be shared across the world, and we’ve been sustained by the commitment of thousands of supporters - people like you - who’ve joined our mission to bring the Bible to life.

Everything we do is driven by one conviction: that when people engage with the Bible lives can change, for good. So if the Bible has made a difference to your life please join with us and pass the gift on with a legacy in your will and make a life changing difference to families and communities around the world.