Registered Charity No: 313869 (England & Wales).

At Book Aid International, we believe that books change lives. We are dedicated to increasing access to books to support literacy, education and development across sub-Saharan Africa, in some of the poorest countries of the world.

Every year we send around half a million books to our partners overseas. Most are donated through the generosity of publishers and other organisations. We rely on donations from Trusts, companies and most of all individuals to send the books out.

In 2013 half a million books were sent to over 150 partners in 13 countries, and distributed to more than 2,000 libraries in schools, refugee camps, prisons, universities, slums and communities - wherever they were most needed. Literally millions of readers will have access to books and information that could help them run a small business, complete school or a degree, or provide basic medial care where professionals are not available. Still more will know the pleasure of losing themselves in a good novel.

Books of all kinds are needed now across sub-Saharan Africa, and we rely on our supporters to continue our work. It costs only £2 to send each book, so every donation or legacy we receive has the potential to make a long-lasting impact on hundreds, if not thousands of readers. Please do contact us for more information.