Registered Charity No: 1098528 (England & Wales).

The Brain and Spine Foundation was set up in 1992 to develop research, education and information programmes aimed at improving the prevention, treatment and care of people affected by disorders of the brain and spine and to stimulate the greater allocation of resources across all neurological disorders.

The list is extensive and includes conditions such as brain and spinal tumours; dizziness and balance problems; head injuries; multiple sclerosis; spinal cord injury as well as many rare conditions such as neurofibromatosis and dystonia.

The Foundation’s services for people with neurological conditions include an information helpline staffed by specialist neuroscience nurses, a range of 30 booklets covering a wide range of conditions, and Headstrong, a service dedicated to providing appropriate information and support to children and young people with a brain or spine condition.

We rely on donations and legacies to continue providing our services to the thousands of people who contact us each year. Your support would be greatly appreciated.