The British Library is the world’s greatest library, holding more than 150 million items from every age and every culture. Only at the British Library will you find Handel’s ‘Messiah’, Shakespeare’s First Folio, Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, Florence Nightingale’s voice and the world’s oldest Bible. From rare manuscripts and unique sound recordings to the latest information for research, the collection amounts to over two thousand years of ideas.

Our role is to help people unlock the knowledge contained within our collection, and to enable it to be used both now and in the future. Gifts to the Library allow acquisition and conservation to continue, while enabling us to increase access to the collection through educational programmes. If you choose to leave a gift to the Library in your Will, you can not only help us to preserve the knowledge of the past, but also ensure that of the future - a unique and priceless legacy.

The British Library is an exempt charity, which means that the value of your gift is deducted before your estate is assessed for inheritance tax. Should you wish to make a gift to the Library, please make it to “the British Library, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB.” For those considering leaving specific items to the Library, we ask that you contact the Development Office to ensure that we can carry out your wishes.