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Ever since 1753 when Sir Hans Sloane’s Will triggered the foundation of the British Museum, legacies have expanded and enriched the Museum’s collection. Today, legacies received from the generosity of individuals remain as important as ever in strengthening the future of the organisation.

By leaving a gift in your Will to the Museum’s Fund for the Future, you can provide vital funds that will help us conserve the past for generations to come. Every gift no matter how large or small can help us build and care for the collection, support special exhibitions and deliver innovative learning, research and conservation programmes.

The British Museum has charitable status, which means that the value of any gift you leave is deducted before inheritance tax. Gifts to the British Museum should be worded To the Trustees of the British Museum. If you would like to talk about leaving a gift in your Will, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the difference your gift could make.

Thank you for your support.