Registered Charity No: 1189748 (England & Wales).

Children’s Cancer North is an independent charity with over 40 years of heritage having raised over £40 million to support children with cancer in the North East and Cumbria since 1979.

Our mission is simple: To make life better for children with cancer.

We do this in 3 clear ways by; investing in revolutionary research, providing support for children and their families and raising awareness of childhood cancer.

Fifty years ago, only a quarter of children survived their cancer diagnosis. Today, that figure stands at 80% which is incredible progress, but this still leaves many families grieving the loss of their child.

For every £1 donated we spend 72p on fighting childhood cancer and for every £1 we spend on fundraising, we raise £4 for our cause.

Despite the many successes, there is however still much to be done. When writing your will please consider a gift - no matter how small - to help the next generation of children lead longer, healthier lives.