Registered Charity No: 279057 (England & Wales).

There are times in all of our lives when we have a problem we don’t feel able to tackle by ourselves.

While we value the advice and support of friends, sometimes we need the help of specialists to overcome the problem and regain control of our lives. With that, we can also gain in health, happiness and confidence, which are all too often lost to stress.

The economic situation is causing more of us that ever to experience problems with things like housing, debt, employment and benefits. Spending cuts impact on everyone, but some groups in our society are hit harder than others.

Donations to Citizens Advice, the charity which works for the wellbeing of all communities, means that everyone has somewhere to turn when the going gets tough, whoever they are and whatever the problem.

We also use our clients’ experiences to influence decision-makers and steer campaigns to improve the policies which affect every single one of us.

If you would like to support us through a gift in your will or in any other way, please contact Lisa Johnston at

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