Registered Charity No: 1095050 (England & Wales).

Compassion in World Farming is the leading charity dedicated exclusively to farm animal welfare.

At the very core of Compassion in World Farming is our belief that farm animals should not and need not suffer. Around 75 billion animals are farmed worldwide every year and the majority of these are in intensive systems, making factory farming the biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet.

For over 50 years, Compassion and our supporters have been campaigning to end the suffering of farmed animals. In the UK, and across Europe, we helped to ban both the barren battery cage for hens and the veal crate, and stopped sows spending their entire pregnancy in a cage. But with so many animals still trapped in factory farms, there is a lot that needs to be done.

Through high-profile public campaigns, investigations, lobbying and research, we influence policy making to improve the lives of billions of animals. We also engage positively with the farming sector and help persuade the world’s biggest food producers, manufacturers and retailers to adopt higher animal welfare standards.

Without the generosity of those who leave a gift in their Will to Compassion, up to half of our work would not be possible. Legacies are absolutely vital, helping to end the caging, overcrowding and abuse of farm animals. Let your vision of a cruelty free future live on by remembering Compassion in World Farming in your Will.

Thank you.