Registered Charity No: 1081183 (England & Wales).

Cruelty Free International, previously known as the BUAV, works to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals.

Through undercover investigations, political lobbying, the promotion of cruelty free products, legal and scientific expertise and media activities, Cruelty Free International campaigns tirelessly and peacefully to end animal testing.

Cruelty Free International works alongside its charitable arm, Cruelty Free International Trust (registered charity number 1081183). Cruelty Free International Trust exists to educate people about animal testing, research alternatives to animal testing and ensure that laws controlling animal experiments are properly complied with in the UK and overseas.

Cruelty Free International receives no government or lottery funding and relies solely on the generosity of supporters to continue its work. Legacy gifts are vital, constituting around 50% of Cruelty Free International’s total income. Our dedicated and experienced Legacy Officer provides a professional, sensitive and strictly confidential service to Executors, extracting solicitors and bereaved family and friends.

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