Registered Charity No: 1070607 (England & Wales).

The Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation funds leading research projects across the UK into the causes, complications and potential cures of diabetes. Our long-term goal is simply to discover an effective cure as it is estimated that 425 million people are living with diabetes in the world (1 in 11 people). Without our intervention, diabetes is set to become one of the 21st Century’s greatest medical problems. Recent progress has given cause for optimism but now our support of pioneering research is more vital than ever before if we are to make the breakthrough.

Time is of the essence because, without a cure, the future will look bleak for increasing numbers of people. Diabetes is not the ‘mild’ condition many mistakenly believe it to be. It significantly shortens life expectancy and can lead to such debilitating complications as heart disease, kidney failure and blindness.

Given the right advice and support, however, it is possible to reduce the risk of developing these life-threatening complications and at DRWF we are working hard to reach as many people living with diabetes as possible. Our Diabetes Wellness Network is already a valuable tool to thousands of people across the country and continues to grow every day.

By remembering us in your Will, you can help us reach more people with diabetes in need of our support and enable researchers to take another step closer to making diabetes a thing of the past. Thank you.