Registered Charity No: 1046001 (England & Wales).

DDP supports disabled and very poor marginalised people in countries in Africa and Asia through projects implemented by our local partners in Ethiopia, India, Mozambique, Nepal and Burundi. Together we aim to achieve equality of opportunity and inclusion in education, health and livelihoods for people with disabilities and also for people whose disabilities are not immediately visible, such as mental illness and hearing disabilities; and vulnerable people, marginalised communities of former refugees, and tribal communities.

Your legacy will help our partner organisations to:

  • Create opportunities in education and training
  • Improve economic and physical wellbeing through livelihood opportunities and access to health services
  • Ensure the inclusion of disabled and marginalised people in mainstream development and training and employment programmes
  • Enable our partner organisations to advocate for the rights of all disabled people, influence policy, and change negative perceptions

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