Registered Charity No: 1161436 (England & Wales).

Education Support Partnership is the only charity in the UK providing mental health and wellbeing support services to all education staff.  Formed over 140 years ago as a Benevolent Fund for teachers, we have evolved to meet the changing needs of those in the education sector.

I hope you will agree that education is vital for guiding and developing young people. Unfortunately, the pressure on those working in the sector is ever-increasing; a staggering 57% of education professionals have considered leaving the sector within the past two years due to health problems, such as stress and anxiety. To help staff in education to perform at their best we provide a wide range of vital services – including counselling, financial assistance, guidance and coaching.

Year on year the demand for our services is increasing. In the past year, there has been a 26% increase in applications received by our grants team and a 5% increase in the number of people calling our helpline.

By leaving a gift in your Will to Education Support Partnership, you will make a real difference to the lives of education staff who turn to us for help in the future. In turn, you will also be helping the young people who rely on them.

If you share our passion for education and want to ensure that staff get the support they need in the future, please consider leaving a gift in your Will to Education Support Partnership.

Thank you.