Registered Charity No: 1017336 (England & Wales).

At the Elton John AIDS Foundation we believe that AIDS can be beaten. Our goal is to create an AIDS free future for everybody in this world. With enough support, love and creativity, we know this is possible.

The biggest weapon we have to fight this is in all of us: compassion.

We believe that through our network of kind, amazing, creative friends we can overcome these stigmas and motivate our scientists, aid workers and politicians to end AIDS. With your help, we can pioneer ways to prevent HIV from spreading and help people deal with its effects.

This way we can keep the dream of an AIDS free future alive.

We focus our efforts on those suffering from stigma and persecution which is preventing their access to life-saving treatment. This includes gay men, sex workers, people who use drugs and prisoners. We will never end the AIDS epidemic if we leave anyone behind.