Registered Charity No: 1115350 (England & Wales).

EAST started from a collaboration between Monkey World - Ape Rescue Centre, UK led by the late Jim Cronin and Dr Alison Cronin, and Professor Kurtis Pei from Pingtung Wildlife Rescue Centre, Taiwan.

EAST assists governments to stop the illegal wildlife trade, educate people about Asian wildlife conservation, and supports rehabilitation of endangered Asian primates.

As part of EAST’s work we:

  • Rescue, rehabilitate, and release endangered primates back into the wild. We monitor our released primates with radio and GPS collars in order to collect biological information that will help to develop standards and protocols for future release programs.
  • Develop and support local, national, and international education on various conservation topics.
  • Provide support to students and scientists conducting research on wildlife conservation topics throughout South East Asia.
  • Encourage and inspire future generations to take an active interest in wildlife conservation.

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