Registered Charity No: 206186

Epilepsy Society aims to bring forward the day when epilepsy is not a hidden disability - no longer a stigma that is hidden in the shadows. When diagnosis is not obscure and effective treatment is available to everyone.

We want to support each individual through their diagnosis by providing support and information when people with epilepsy need it most - to enable them to live the fullest and happiest lives.

Today, over 60 million people worldwide have seizures making it the most common serious neurological condition in the world. One in every 1,000 people still die from epilepsy - three people every day - in the UK. That is a startling statistic and change is not happening fast enough. With your help, we aim to drive forward that change.

We are on the verge of the most exciting and revolutionary era of research into identifying the causes of and treatments for epilepsy. Scientific research is a long haul and will take considerable investment. But imagine for one moment if we could find treatments, and possibly even a functional cure, to ensure everyone overcomes epilepsy within the next two generations?

The gifts our supporters leave in their Wills help keep our helpline open, fund campaign work to raise awareness of epilepsy and ensure our groundbreaking research for the future can continue. A gift in your Will, no matter how large or small, can really help in achieving our aims.

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