Registered Charity No: 201654 (England & Wales).

The Friends of Animals League (FOAL) is based at Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre in Kent. The Charity was founded in 1960 and since then has cared for tens of thousands of needy animals.

Foal Farm employs 32 permanent staff and has many dedicated and loyal volunteers. Over a thousand cats, dogs, rabbits and smaller pets are found new loving homes each year. Permanent sanctuary is given to farm animals, horses and a variety of birds.

Foal operates a non-destruct policy. If no home can be found for an animal they live out their natural lives at Foal Farm.

We rely entirely on legacies and donations to provide this essential care for those animals who look to Foal Farm for their future happiness and well-being.

If you would like to consider supporting the Charity’s work by making a gift in your Will, please call, email or write to the Legacy Officer at the above address and we will send you our Legacy Booklet.