Blankets for pensioners: we’ve got them covered

Bordering India, Nepal is often considered to be a hot country. However, it can get extremely cold during the winter as temperatures plummet to sub-zero.

GWT_Blankets for pensioners 2

Keeping elderly veterans and widows warm

In the UK it’s difficult to imagine trying to sleep in freezing conditions without being able to switch on the heating.

To help our vulnerable Gurkha pensioners stay warm this winter we’ve been distributing blankets at our Welfare Centres, Residential Homes and at their homes. These aren’t just any blankets, they’re gigantic 2m x 2m faux-fur rugs. Weighing over 4kg each, they’re really heavy too. Perfect for the winter months ahead.

As you can see from the photo below, our pensioners were delighted with their new blankets.

GWT_Blankets for pensioners 1

How you can help

Cold winter nights in Nepal take a toll on the elderly. Our Gurkha pensioners are at risk and we need your support.

Just £20 could keep a Gurkha veteran warm in Nepal’s cold winter nights. Donate today.