Registered Charity No: 1137029 (England & Wales).

Digestive diseases that affect the gut, the liver or pancreas and they are a factor in 1 in 8 deaths in the UK, as well as having a devastating impact on the lives of many millions of people. Guts UK! is the only national charity fighting all digestive diseases and we do so by supporting innovative and important research, providing information to patients and working to raise awareness.

In the past ten years we have committed over £5,000,000 to fund ground-breaking, life-saving research and provided evidence-based information to more than a million people who have a diagnosis or who need help to understand their symptoms.

We work with health professionals and the public to raise awareness of digestive health and best practice.

Guts UK! is the only national charity committed to fighting all diseases of the gut, liver and pancreas and we receive no government support.

Legacies are a major part of our annual income and they ensure that we are able to continue to offer support to people who need it and that we can fund innovative and important pieces of research that would struggle to secure funding elsewhere.

A legacy left to guts UK! will have a real and lasting positive impact in the fight against diseases of the gut, liver and pancreas.

For more information about how your gift will help please call 020 7486 0341 or visit our website at

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