Registered Charity No: 1001813 (England & Wales), SC037870 (Scotland).

The HALO Trust is the world’s largest humanitarian landmine clearance charity. We destroy landmines and explosives that remain long after war is over, preventing life-changing injuries and death. We also teach children and adults how to stay safe until we can remove these dangers for good.

Our work makes valuable land safe for families to start farming again and enables communities to reach essential services such as clean water, clinics and schools without fear. In 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, walked through a minefield in Angola that HALO had just cleared - this same land is now part of a thriving town.

By leaving a gift in your will to The HALO Trust you will help communities affected by war return home, walk their land in safety and rebuild their lives. To find out more about how a gift in your will could help create Safe Steps for future generations, please contact Sarah Cochrane on 01848 331100 or email