Registered Charity No: 1098712 (England & Wales).
Registered Company No: 4731491.

Spiritual Healing is a calming treatment that works on all levels of your body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; according to your individual needs, supporting your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is non-invasive and suitable for all ages.

‘Spiritual’ originates from the latin word ‘spiritus’, meaning ‘breath of life’.

In our practice, healing is understood as the directing of a universal energy to your body through the healer’s hands and mind, with specific thought for your needs. It may help you cope with whatever you are dealing with in life and it may ease and accelerate the process of recovery. It reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It does not involve massage, manipulation or the use of drugs.

The goal of Spiritual Healing is to achieve coherency and balance with the mind, body and spirit. Clients tell us they have experienced improvement in physical and mental health matters eg freedom from chronic pain, relief from insomnia, stress reduction etc.

Who can be helped by Spiritual Healing? Everyone! Spiritual healing is not linked to any particular religion and is complementary with conventional medicine. It can’t harm you.

We do not charge for our healing work which is funded by donations and legacies. It is extremely important to us that people who need and want our healing work and support are not prohibited from seeing us due to financial constraints.