Registered Charity No: 1153442 (England & Wales).

Heartline supports children with heart disorders and their families, whatever the condition, wherever it is treated. Regrettably, in the UK one baby in every 180 is born with a heart disorder and more acquire them in childhood.

For parents, the stress of finding out that a child has a heart condition - quite often before the baby is born, sometimes after a struggle to get health problems diagnosed, or at a later stage as a result of another illness - means support from someone who has been through the same experience can significantly ease the stress and reduce the feeling of isolation. Heartline Families is there for them, to offer support for the child and their family.

Heartline provides support through an Online Forum for parents to discuss issues privately, a comprehensive handbook ‘Heart Children’ and leaflets for children and parents, including our award-winning Dental Care leaflet.

To encourage independence and allow children to take part in regular family and school activities we offer wetsuits, activity weekends and caravan holidays. Heartline also offers bereaved families a place to remember their child in the Heart of Stars constellation.

Information and contact with registered families is provided and maintained through social media, newsletters and an annual review, so that we may be there for them throughout the childhood of their Heart Child.

A legacy gift would make a lasting contribution to the support Heartline can give to Families. Thank you.