Registered Charity No: 294555 (England & Wales).

Two women are killed each week as a result of domestic abuse. Around 750,000 children in the UK witness this type of violence each year. Hestia supports over 400 homeless children per annum who flee domestic abuse with their mothers to live in our emergency refuges. It can leave children feeling confused, lonely and angry. We help families to get back on their feet and build a better life after the trauma they have experienced. Without support, they are in grave danger of long-term damage, including mental health or developmental problems, including lower educational achievement in older children and delays in speech in younger children.

Our Children and Families Workers help children to settle into new schools. They organise group activities for them to play together and make new friends, and 1-to-1 sessions to support children emotionally. Most importantly, they support mothers in order to improve their self-confidence and parenting skills, so that they can help their children to develop in a healthy and normal way.

Empowering people, changing lives

Your legacy donation enables us to support children; aiding their development, supporting their education and most importantly, helping them to make new friends and have fun during one of the darkest times of their young lives. With your support, we can empower these families to change their lives.