Positive engagement between people of different backgrounds contributes to the development of a peaceful and just society in which people of different faiths and beliefs coexist harmoniously and work together for the common good.

Through a gift in your will to the Inter Faith Network for the UK, you can leave a living inheritance of greater inter faith understanding and cooperation in our shared society in the UK.

Since 1987, the Inter Faith Network for the UK, has been working in very practical ways with faith communities, inter faith organisations, educators and others to:

  • increase understanding and cooperation between people of different faiths of all ages;
  • widen public awareness of the distinctive religious traditions in the UK;
  • provide information, advice and resources to help people working on inter faith issues to strengthen their work towards good inter faith relations;
  • carry out programmes such as national Inter Faith Week to increase the involvement? of people of all backgrounds, as well as organisations from sports bodies to schools? and workplaces; and
  • hold meetings and events where social and religious questions of concern to the? different faith communities can be examined together.

Please help us to carry forward this work which is ever more vital in our increasingly interconnected world.

If you would like to know more, please do contact us. Thank you.