Registered Charity No: 1106412 (England & Wales).

Kidney disease is a silent killer. Over three million people in the UK are suffering from it right now. An estimated one million don’t even know they have it and there is no cure.

Now in our 50th year, Kidney Research Yorkshire formerly Yorkshire Kidney Research Fund, has supported award- winning and internationally - recognised research, saving and improving the lives of sufferers. We do this in Yorkshire and across the UK - investigating new treatments, providing better information for patients and raising public awareness. With health trends and an ageing population, the likelihood of kidney disease striking you becomes ever greater, so our work is more essential now than ever.

Living with kidney disease pervades every aspect of life - what you can eat, drink, your ability to work, have holidays, spend quality time with your family - all is adversely affected by this condition.

Legacy gifts make up a significant part of Kidney Research Yorkshire funding. These gifts make long-term research possible, further improving the lives of those unfortunate enough to have this condition.

Here at Kidney Research Yorkshire, we are proud that all monies received into the charity funds vital research into kidney disease (except for the minimal overheads of an administrator’s part-time wage). Every other penny is used to make kidney patients’ lives better.

Please help us by including Kidney Research Yorkshire in your Will.