Registered Charity No: 275936 (England & Wales).

KIDS is a national charity that has worked to transform the lives of disabled children, young people and their families across the country since 1970.

In the UK today, disabled children and their families continue to face enormous challenges including poverty, segregation, discrimination, unequal access to opportunities and social exclusion.

Each year KIDS helps over 13,500 children and young people with any kind of disability to overcome these issues by providing access to life-changing play, leisure, learning and training opportunities, whilst also offering practical advice and support to their families. We want all disabled children to be able to realise their aspirations and be part of an inclusive society. We work with children from birth until age 25, providing a continuity of support as children move towards adulthood.

Our life-changing and innovative projects include: home learning visits to support disabled babies’ development in the earliest stages; short respite breaks to give disabled children independence and access to equal opportunities; independent living sessions to equip disabled young people with key life skills; and support programmes for parents and siblings of disabled children.

“KIDS’ involvement with my family has meant huge practical help during a difficult time. I am sure that yours is the kind of service that helps prevent family break up as a result of the strains that child disability brings.”

KIDS is an extremely lean charity and we ensure that every penny donated to us has the greatest impact possible on the lives of disabled children, young people and their families.