Registered Charity No: 1017501 (England & Wales).

Care in the Air.

The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance provides a rapid response emergency helicopter, that is fully equipped to attend medical emergencies and covers a total of 3,000 square miles. We are available to be called on to assist at the scene of an accident, providing medical treatment together with rapid transportation for those who might not otherwise survive their injuries.

Both counties have a major road network linking the North of the county with the South and feeding the ports of Hull, Grimsby and Immingham. Our coastal region attracts many visitors especially during the summer months and in rural areas, residents live and work in isolated communities some 30-45 minutes away by road from the nearest hospital.

Operational 365 days a year, the helicopter provides a fast, smooth, journey to hospital (approx 8 mins). Accident sites can be reached swiftly and safely, either to RTCs, avoiding the ensuing traffic jams, or to locations that are inaccessible by road. A high proportion of call outs (approximately 50%) are to RTCs, we average 2 horse-riding incidents a month and there are also numerous emergencies involving entrapment in machinery.
Transferring patients from general hospitals to specialised units in neighbouring counties is another important role of the aircraft.

We are almost entirely dependant on donations to cover our running expenses of £1.7 million per annum.

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