Registered Charity No: 1111504 (England & Wales).

Help Save Lives in Childbirth.

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the leading causes of death amongst women in Africa. In some countries, the lifetime risk of pregnancy-related deaths is as high as 1 in 7; additionally, for each woman who dies in childbirth around 20 more will suffer injury, infection or disease. This not only affects families but impacts on the whole community, reducing its chances to develop and prosper. These deaths and injuries are preventable with the appropriate healthcare.

Maternity Worldwide is working with communities in Sub-Saharan Africa to make sure that women receive life-saving care. Our activities include community based health promotion training sessions to raise awareness about the risks to look for during pregnancy and when to seek help. We empower women to set up their own small businesses and become financially independent by providing micro-finance schemes. We train community nurses in safe birth techniques, sponsor the training of local midwives and providing rotating obstetricians and midwives to provide on-going training and skills sharing with local staff. Access to facilities is also improved through the use of motorbike ambulances and clinics in rural areas.

We are working to reduce maternal mortality and improve maternal health in the developing world now and for future generations. A legacy or donation from you will assist us in saving lives, and enable women in need to have the access to the professional health care facilities they deserve.