Registered Charity No: 1124533 (England & Wales), SC044434 (Scotland).

Medical Detection Dogs is a charity based in Buckinghamshire, dedicated to training dogs in the detection and recognition of human disease by odour. The charity prevent medical emergencies, save human lives and improve quality of life.

There are two significant areas of work at the charity:

Cancer Detection Dogs: can detect the minute odours associated with many cancers. Specialist dogs trained to detect cancer volatiles can provide valuable information that will assist in the early diagnosis of cancer. We currently have on-going studies to detect prostate and breast cancer, working in conjunction with oncologists, scientists and NHS Trusts.

Medical Alert Assistance Dogs: We train dogs to alert individuals managing day to day complex life threatening conditions by detecting minute changes in body odour. These include blood sugar detection dogs for adults and children coping with unstable Type 1 Diabetes who receive no warning of dangerously low blood sugar (hypos), which, if left untreated, can result in coma, seizure and hospitalisation. In addition, we train dogs for clients with life threatening Addison’s disease and have trained the world’s first “nut detection dog” for a client with a serious allergy leading to anaphylaxis.

Why donate to Medical Detection Dogs: Medical Detection Dogs receive no government funding and desperately need funds to continue this important and lifesaving work.