Registered Charity No: 282305 (England & Wales).

Minority Rights Group International (MRG) is a UK-based charitable organisation that has been supporting minority and indigenous communities in need for over 40 years.

These communities may be ethnic, religious, linguistic or indigenous – like the Dalits in India, the Endorois in Kenya, the Roma in Europe or the Afro-descendants in Latin America. We work with minorities whenever their lives are at risk and their rights are under threat.

History has taught us the devastating consequences of excluding minorities. Sadly, we don’t need to look far back: the recent violations against Iraqi Christians are a stark reminder of the fact that minorities are frequently the worst hit by conflict.

Even during peace time, historic disadvantage means that many minorities and indigenous peoples are the poorest of the poor. They may struggle to get a job because they belong to a community which is seen as inferior. Their children may struggle to get an education as schools are too far away, overcrowded, or under-resourced.

MRG works to promote and protect minority rights through monitoring and research, media outreach, international advocacy, strategic litigation, and offering training and capacity building.

There is no other nongovernmental organisation with MRG’s broad mandate on minority and indigenous issues, nor its well-established reputation among communities, governments and international human rights bodies.

Please contact us to find out more about MRG and how you can make a lasting impact by donating to our work.