Much more than rescue


HAPPA’s Equine Inspectors investigate over 300 cases of cruelty and neglect each year, offering advice and support where possible and preventing cruelty by intervention and prosecution where necessary.

HAPPA Inspectors play a key role in the co-ordination and enforcement of codes relating to the ‘Five Welfare Needs’ and provide expert advice to horse owners.

Our Inspectors facilitate educational talks and workshops to encourage a consistent approach and raise awareness towards the importance of equine welfare following best practice.


Rescued animals are assessed and nursed back to health at Shores Hey Farm Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Lancashire.

The Centre can be home to as many as 60 equines at any time.

Rescued animals can be placed at HAPPA as a result of investigations by HAPPA Inspectors or by other welfare associations who refer an equine to HAPPA following an investigation.


HAPPA are dedicated to finding every horse, pony or donkey in our care a Second Chance in a Forever Home, to do this every equine admitted to the Centre must be rehabilitated ready for rehoming. Our dedicated Equine Team work tirelessly to create bespoke rehabilitation plans for each equine at the Centre.

For some animals this can be a matter of months, for others much longer. HAPPA ensures that every animal receives the care needed, including specialist treatments such as nutritionist or physiotherapist to complete their rehabilitation journey.


As soon as the HAPPA horse, pony or donkey has completed the rehabilitation process and is ready for rehoming, the team work very hard to find that equine a perfect match in a Loan or Foster home.

Our Loan Scheme enables certain HAPPA horses, ponies and donkeys to be placed with suitable Borrowers under a legally binding agreement. Our Foster scheme allows younger equines the chance to learn in a private home before returning at four years of age to begin the schooling process.

Our Equine Support Team provides a robust aftercare service offering guidance and advice to enable our horses to remain in long term homes and conduct a mandatory visit twice a year to ensure that the quality of care meets HAPPA’s high standards.


HAPPA are dedicated to offering support and advice to members of the public, including horse owners, in matters concerning equine welfare. Our Conferencing and Indoor Arena facilities allow other agencies to use HAPPA as a learning destination. HAPPA host their own Equine Welfare Conference annually and there is a whole programme for younger supporters including Ponies 4 You and Little Neddies. HAPPA is a recognised Learning destination for Children’s University.