Registered Company No: 3098847. A non-profit making company, limited by guarantee.

N.E.D.D.I. is established to offer care and safety to donkeys (and to a lesser degree ponies) within Britain and Europe at risk from neglect, cruelty or mal-treatment. We also support roadside clinics in Kenya for working donkeys there. Help with harness, medicaments, worming and foot care make an enormous difference to these hard-working animals.

We offer rescue to such animals from undesirable situations, within the financial and practical constraints prevailing at the time, whilst working at all times to try to change attitudes and to educate donkey owners to better practices.

N.E.D.D.I. was established in Cornwall in 1990, and has operated a sanctuary specifically for distressed donkeys since that date. It is our policy to try to offer actual, hands-on help to the animals on need, and to restore them to the maximum degree of fitness. Once brought back to full health new homes are sometimes sought for fit animals. Where full health cannot be achieved a safe home is offered to the donkey for the duration of its life. In 2001 the sanctuary moved to just the other side of the channel where the resident donkeys enjoy more space and pasture than would otherwise have been possible.

We are a comparatively small organisation, with limited resources, and rely heavily on support from animal-lovers. A bequest will enable more donkeys to be freed from pain and misery.

Sanctuary: La Ferme du Village, Questrecques, Nr Boulogne, 62830, France