Registered Charity No: 1056409 (England & Wales).

Fred, the inspiration for our logo, chained to a 12-inch perch for 19 years! Imagine his suffering.

New Life Parrot Rescue & Helpline Service, founded in 1995, offers a specialised and unique service.

Our fundamental aim is to take in unwanted, neglected, traumatised and abused companion psittacines. Our objective is to care for each of them and, where necessary, restore them to good health.

Unfortunately, when exotic species becomes a victim of captivity, the restrictions put upon most individuals are overwhelming. Many are imprisoned in small cages, deprived of freedom, exercise and stimulation, and are often fed a very poor diet. Not all those who keep them understand the necessary overall care of these creatures. Because of their living conditions, many parrots suffer from insanity and nutritional deficiency. These are the underlying causes behind many clinical symptoms, including feather plucking and self-mutilation.

Education & Awareness we advise on all aspects of psittacine care and problems that human carers may have. We endeavour to educate the public and raise awareness by addressing parrot welfare issues.

Campaigns We participated in the successful campaign for the abolition of the importation of wild-caught parrots into the EU. We submitted our welfare proposals for captive parrots for inclusion in the formulation of the Draft Animal Welfare Bill 2004, which is now the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Our Survival depends on Legacies/Gift Aid declarations/donations, all of which are vital to our survival in helping those parrots that are victims of cruelty, human circumstances, indifference or ignorance.