Registered Charity No: 227361 (England & Wales).

NCHPS, known locally as Bryson’s, was founded in 1947 by William Bryson and his wife Marion. It was set up primarily to care for ill-treated and abandoned horses and has expanded to care for dogs, cats, goats, rabbits and other small animals.

Our mission is to find homes for unwanted animals and to raise awareness by educating the public especially children, we believe this an important step for the future. We have a non-destruction policy unless under veterinary advice; the animals in our care have a home for life with us, or until we can find them a new and loving home. All animals have a full health check when they come to us and are all neutered and vaccinated and, prior to going to their new home, dogs are microchipped.

We are a small independent animal shelter, receive no government funding and rely heavily on the generosity of the general public. We raise funds through fundraising events and by an adoption scheme we operate. We believe the animals in our care deserve the very best we can give as often they have had an uncertain start to their lives. We would like to think that there will be a time when animals no longer need our care but to this end we need to continue our work in to the future.

Each year we see significant increases in our costs and survival becomes increasingly difficult. Legacies offer a lifeline to charities like ourselves and we ask that you do consider Bryson’s. Our animals need and deserve your support. Your legacy could really make the difference.