Registered Charity No: 1137689 (England & Wales).

Pancreatic Cancer Action is the only UK charity dedicated to saving lives by improving early diagnosis and improving the quality of survival for men and women diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Our vision is a day when people are diagnosed early and survive pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is the fifth biggest cancer killer in the UK with nearly 10,000 people diagnosed each year. Only 7% of those diagnosed will survive beyond 5 years. BUT if patients are diagnosed in time for surgery, they have ten times more chance of surviving pancreatic cancer.

We know that early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is key to improving survival rates of the disease. At Pancreatic Cancer Action we:

  • Fund research to help find a diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer
  • Improve the knowledge of HealthCare professionals by providing free resources
  • Raise public awareness of pancreatic cancer and its symptoms
  • Provide free, easy to understand, patient information

Pancreatic Cancer Action receives no government funding and legacies are a vital part of our income allowing us to plan for our future work. We are extremely grateful to anyone who leaves us a legacy and a gift, no matter what size can help us make sure future generations survive pancreatic cancer.

Part of the ‘Remember A Charity’ campaign.