Registered Charity No: 1103253 (England & Wales).

Pancreatic cancer is the UK’s most fatal cancer. The survival rate is only 3%, and this rate has barely changed in 40 years. Although many other cancers have seen a steady, sometimes significant increase in survival rates, pancreatic cancer has seen no improvement. Despite the especially lethal nature of the disease, in the past research into pancreatic cancer has received little funding in comparison with other types of cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is absolutely committed to changing this. The charity was created to raise new funds for more research into the detection, treatment and ultimately cure of pancreatic cancer. It is the only national charity exclusively funding pancreatic cancer research throughout the UK. We do this by offering grants to researchers in UK hospitals and research institutions. We fund only the best and most innovative research, chosen by peer review.

We are the leading charity funding independent research into pancreatic cancer, yet we are administratively small, with few overheads. This means that more of the money raised goes into the research that can give hope to future patients.