Registered Charity No: 258197 (England & Wales), SC037554 (Scotland).

Parkinson’s does not discriminate and can affect anyone at any age.

The condition is a progressive, neurological disorder, occurring when the chemical messenger responsible for movement stops being produced in the brain.

Medication and other treatments mean that many people with Parkinson’s can continue to lead a normal life but others can have their quality of life affected dramatically.

Everything that we learn in our life from movement and balance to our communication skills can be lost to Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s UK helps people living with Parkinson’s, their carers and families by providing vital support, advice and information, and funds for research into the cause, cure, and prevention of Parkinson’s and improvements in available treatments.

Parkinson’s UK is the leading UK organisation working exclusively for people affected by Parkinson’s.

We have over 37,000 members and more than 370 local branches and support groups throughout the UK to help anyone living with the condition.

We campaign and produce a wide range of information on all aspects of Parkinson’s, including treatments, welfare and benefits advice and living with Parkinson’s at a younger age, and a dedicated freephone helpline staffed by nurses.

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