Registered Charity No: 1090781 (England & Wales).

The Personal Support Unit (PSU) offers practical help and emotional support to litigants in person facing the civil and family courts. We provide information, help fill in forms and organise papers, offer a safe space and someone to talk to, and we attend court with our clients. Our service is free, independent and offered equally to anybody who asks for it.

Legal systems are complex, especially when you consider that our clients cannot afford or access legal help. The people we help have to represent themselves in cases that have a dramatic impact on their lives - contact with children, eviction, deportation or bankruptcy - so we make sure our volunteers are there to support them.

The PSU has seen staggering growth in the number of times we help people, with an increase of 107% over the past two years. This year we expect to help people over 49,000 times.

It’s our vision that every person in England and Wales attending a court or tribunal alone should have access to a PSU volunteer. To achieve this, we look to our supporters for help.

Every gift makes a real and lasting difference: £25 helps a person alone in court; £216 covers the costs of a PSU volunteer for a year; £1,500 runs a PSU for a week.

After you have provided for your loved ones and set your affairs in order, please consider leaving a gift to the PSU in your will.