Registered Charity No: 283931 (England & Wales).

Phab Charity - Making More of Life Together.

Phab was created 60 years ago when a seriously disabled young man asked for “opportunity not pity”. He just wanted the opportunity to take part in activities and adventures alongside his non-disabled friends.

There are over 150 inclusive Phab clubs in England and Wales for children, young people and adults - all providing social activities and friendship for 8,000 members – and with the same aim of making more of life together. Phab is not just for those with a physical, learning, or sensory disability but also for those without - friends, siblings and family members.

On our Phabkids residential projects many of the children and young people have a disability, often complex, but Phab also welcomes children who are disadvantaged in some other way having suffered a family bereavement, tragedy or a trauma in their recent lives. Our new Family Weekends include parents and carers too.

Since 1957, Phab has created opportunities for over 4,000 children with various disabilities to explore their horizons and have fun and importantly to increase their independence and self-esteem. Purpose built accessible accommodation and specialist tuition means that to be affordable to families, the costs are heavily subsidised and sadly Phab can offer places to only half of those who apply.

A donation or legacy to Phab will help us to extent our club network, develop new, exciting activity programmes for our Phabkids projects and enable disabled children and adults of all ages to make more of life together through Phab. Thank you.