Registered Charity No: 219278 (England & Wales).

Pact - Prison Advice & Care Trust is an independent Catholic Prison Charity rooted in the fundamental belief that every human being has an innate dignity and value. We believe it is never too late to change or to make a fresh start.

Our overarching aim is to support prisoners and their families to make a fresh start and to minimise the harm that can be caused by imprisonment to offenders, families, and communities.

We work inside prisons, in courts and in the community, online and on the phone. Thanks to our supporters, friends, partners and to our amazing volunteers and staff, Pact is making a bigger and deeper impact than ever before in our history. This year, we have accompanied more prisoners and ex-offenders in their journeys towards rehabilitation. We have enabled more families separated by prison to cope and to stay together. We have facilitated more opportunities for people to develop their relationship skills, to feel more confident as parents. We have given more prisoners’ children a voice, and a sense of being heard, respected and understood.

Research shows that good family relationships are the greatest asset to reduce re-offending. Supporting families to stay together and work through issues (where thats appropriate), gives people motivation to change, reform and have the support network to make a fresh start possible when they leave prison. Reducing the likelihood of re-offending, and breaking the cycles of intergenerational offending. With your support we can make prisons a place for reform and rehabilitation. Helping people to learn from their mistakes, find a positive path, and rejoin society as productive citizens.