Registered Charity No: 251051 (England & Wales).

Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) is a registered national charity based in Surrey, providing support to over 1,000 disabled and disadvantaged people a year, through its specialist services:

  • Independent Living Services: offers young people with complex disabilities the opportunity to gain life skills to move on to a lifestyle of their choice.
  • Mobility Services: provides mobility assessments, advice and tuition for people with disabilities who wish to drive.
  • Neuro Rehabilitation Services: offers assessment, intensive neuro-rehabilitation and education for adults who have suffered brain injury.
  • Vocational Services: provides training for sustainable employment for adults with disabilities, through a number of certified courses ranging from Information Technology through to Horticulture.

Your legacy will help QEF to continue to provide these vital services; which will enable and support disabled people to increase independence and achieve their goals in life.